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How to Coordinate Kitchen Flooring Cabinets and Countertops

When choosing flooring and countertops for your kitchen, you need to coordinate style elements to create a cohesive look. The right combination of colors and textures can make the space more welcoming and stylish. In some cases, coordinating colors can even make your kitchen seem larger.

When choosing your kitchen flooring, countertops and cabinets, keep these tips in mind:

1. Start by Experimenting and Investigating

There are more options out there than you might think when it comes to kitchen décor, so look at options you like. Flip through magazines, check online décor resources and visit trade shows in your area. Take note of colors and looks you want and consider keeping a running list of ideas you like. A good place to start is the 50 Floor inspiration page, which allows you to consider several options from the comfort of your own home.

As you look at styles that pique your interest, look for themes. Are you drawn to muted colors and classical styles? Do you prefer modern kitchens with bold, primary shades? These can be good places to start your renovation journey.

2. Start With Countertops

It is easier to match your floors and cabinets to your counters rather than the other way around. Build your kitchen around your countertops, and you should have an easier time getting everything to coordinate.

3. Think in Three Colors

Choose two dominant colors, which are complementing. Then, choose a third color to act as an accent. The dominant colors should be simple, while the third should look great with the complementing colors and add interest. If you have chosen granite countertops, your accent color should be one of the colors in the granite.

Make sure you try the different colors together in a part of your home before you commit to a whole kitchen. You want to be certain you love the color combination and that all three shades work together in the lighting of your space.

4. If You Want to Go Bold or Trendy, Don’t Do So With Flooring, Countertops and Cabinets

If you want your kitchen décor to last, choose classic colors that will age well. Use accessories that are less of an investment and are easier to replace to add some trendiness and fashion to your kitchen. Towels, small appliances, wall paint, curtains and other décor items are an easier way to revitalize your kitchen with bold prints and trendy colors. If your kitchen counters, floors and cabinets are in classic colors, they will be able to handle fashionable updates easily.

5. Consider Texture as Well as Color

Once you have your three accent colors and have a general sense of how you’d like your kitchen to feel, consider texture and finish as well. The same colors will look very different if you choose matte or high-gloss finishes or if you choose a rustic look or a sharp-edged modern design. If you choose simple colors, you can also add interest with rich textures, such as rough stone or smooth marble.

Consider shapes as well. Rounded counters will look very different than sharp edges. Round pulls on cupboards will create a different feel than geometric designs, and you can create different effects with flooring depending on whether you select a herringbone pattern, tiles or another style.

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Do Floors Have to Match Countertops?

Your floors do not have to match your countertops, but it is important to have coordinating cabinets, countertops and flooring. All the elements of your kitchen should work together to create an attractive overall look.

If you are wondering what flooring options might look best in your space, contact 50 Floor to schedule a free appointment. Our flooring experts can come to your home with samples so you can compare options and find the ones that match your countertops exactly in your home’s natural lighting.

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