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What Color Flooring Goes With Cherry Cabinets?

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Cherry cabinets are gorgeous. Whether you have them in your kitchen, basement or bathroom, these cabinets make a handsome addition to your home with their deep color and exceptional durability. So how do you ensure your flooring goes with your cherry cabinets? You have several choices. You’ll want to start by thinking about what material you want for your flooring.

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What Color Carpeting Goes With Cherry Cabinets?

We generally recommend a contrasting option when you have dark cabinets. A lighter color on the floor will look best next to the deep cherry coloring. Don’t try to match the wood, as you will end up with a very dark area where it’s hard to tell where the floor stops and the cabinetry begins.

Usually, rooms with cabinetry do not get carpeting, as cabinets are often in the kitchen or bathroom. But if you decide to get a carpet to go with the cherry cabinets, you will see how beautifully wood and plush carpeting go together. Select a light color, such as a taupe, ivory or light gray, that offsets the shade of the cherry wood.

What Color Tile Flooring Goes With Cherry Cabinets?

Luxury vinyl tile flooring can also pair well with cherry cabinetry. The many color choices for tile make it one of the most versatile flooring options. We prefer luxury vinyl tiles that look like stone. The contrast between the wood and the natural tile adds a nice touch to any room. Lighter colors are still best for tile.

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What Laminate Flooring Goes With Cherry Cabinets?

Laminate flooring can also be an excellent choice to pair with cherry cabinets. Laminate looks like wood, and you have many options for coloring and style. Again, contrasting with the cabinets will create a cleaner, more attractive look. Stick with the same color family as the cabinetry, but choose something several shades lighter.

The best color also depends on the room’s lighting, which will look different than a showroom. You may want to consider several types of laminate and hold samples up to your cabinetry to see what looks best.

Lots of homeowners like laminate because it offers many benefits beyond its lovely appearance. It demonstrates impressive durability, and it’s easy to clean. Keeping your flooring tidy will also help it look shiny next to the deep cherry of the cabinets.

What Color Hardwood Floor With Cherry Cabinets?

Hardwood flooring creates a sophisticated look in your kitchen, bathroom or basement. The unique appearance of hardwood makes it a favorite among many homeowners, and you can pair it nicely with cherry cabinets by keeping in mind the same contrast guidelines we advise for carpet and laminate.

Look for lighter colors, such as hickory or maple, which will seem lighter next to a dark cabinet. Avoid deeper shades, such as walnut, which won’t provide enough offset. These colors can make the room seem smaller. You can clean hardwood with ease, and clean floors will look better next to the deep cherry grain.

Turn to the Experts for Installation

Whatever color or style of flooring you choose to complement your cabinets, you will need professional installation to do it right. Schedule an in-home appointment with us today to discuss your flooring needs.

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