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Flooring and Carpet Installation

Buying your flooring is only the first step. No matter how lovely the laminate, hardwood, tiles, carpet or other material you have chosen is, flooring and carpet installation will determine the final look, functionality and even the durability of your flooring. With quality, professional flooring installation, your floor will have an even surface, and you won’t find nails protruding, rough edges or other conditions that might affect the safety and look of your flooring. You’ll also ensure the manufacturer’s warranty stays valid.

When you shop at many flooring stores, installation is up to you, but at 50 Floor, we believe installation is part of the overall process of quality flooring. After all, how can you be sure you get your ideal floor to enhance your home unless it is installed properly?

Types of Flooring 50 Floor Installs

Our floor installers handle every type of flooring we sell, including:

Our goal at 50 Floor is to ensure a hassle-free process from start to finish, so you end up with the look and functionality you deserve.

bedroom with hardwood floors

Our Installation Process

We at 50 Floor know the flooring and carpet installation process begins with choosing the right flooring for your home. Today, you have more options than ever before, which is why we come to your home, and in a free consultation, we show you the various solutions for your flooring needs. By bringing the options to you, you never have to stand in front of a carpet in a store wondering, “How will this look in my home?”

Our experts answer your questions and guide you to the right floor based on your needs. With a huge selection and convenient appointments based on your schedule, shopping has never been so easy!

Once you’ve made your purchase, our staff can tell you about our comprehensive Workmanship Warranties and can handle the ordering and installation arrangements. In most cases, our floors can be installed in one day, and all our installations are completed by vetted professionals who are committed to offering you a timely and stress-free experience. In fact, once you order, there’s not much more you need to do, besides removing your knickknacks. Our team will size and order your flooring quickly, and our courteous and professional installers will arrive on the agreed-upon day and will move all your furniture to install the floor from start to finish.

Our installers do it all, from clearing away furniture to clearing out old floors, examining sub-floors, installing new floors, trimming and more. They will clean up after the work is completed and replace your furniture.

What's Included in Our In-Home Estimates

Where Can I Find Flooring and Have Floors Installed Near Me?

With 50 Floor, you don’t have to drive all over town looking for flooring options. Our team can come to your door with flooring solutions, answer your questions and place the order for you. In fact, our team can ensure you get the perfect floor without you ever leaving your home. To enjoy the comfort and convenience of true flooring professionals, schedule your free appointment with 50 Floor today!


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