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Berber Carpet: Elevate Your Lifestyle with Quality Installation

Quality Berber Carpet

Whether you want to upgrade one room or several, high-performance Berber carpet is an excellent choice for homes. The woven loops and knots provide exceptional durability in high-traffic areas such as hallways, stairs, living rooms, workout rooms, home offices and more. At 50Floor, we offer many traditional and modern styles of carpet and other flooring to suit your preferences, so learn more about our Berber selection and reach out to our team today!

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Couch Cushion on Berber Carpet Floor

Key Features of Berber Carpet

Along with having many styles and designs to choose from, Berber carpeting offer these favorable qualities:

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Supportive structure

The carpet’s underside features primary and secondary backing to provide dimensional stability, offer additional strength and secure the tufts of yarn for durability.

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Uncut loops

Fibers attach to the structure of the carpet’s supportive backing in uncut loops, offering a beautiful, high-performance material.

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Woven textures

Inspired by the knots of the Berber people of Northern Africa, the fibers in this carpet yield a tightly woven look and distinctively low appearance.

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Range of colors

Today’s wide selection of carpet colors includes traditional neutrals with darker specks and other stylish shades to work with many types of room decor and design preferences.

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Benefits of Berber Carpet

Berber remains a popular carpet choice among homeowners and designers for these reasons:

  • Low maintenance
    This carpet works well in active homes with kids or pets because the surface can be refreshed after one quick sweep, vacuuming doesn’t typically leave marks and the uncut loops keep spills from sinking in as quickly as they would with other pile types.
  • High-quality materials
    The wide selection of options available includes soft Berber carpeting with more comfort than traditional styles.
  • Affordable prices
    Not needing to cut the loops saves money on labor and processing, allowing companies to make Berber more cost-effectively than other flooring options.
  • Easy installation
    At 50Floor, we have vetted professionals to take care of everything in the installation process from start to finish, including sizing and examination, moving furniture, installing carpet and trim, and handling cleanup. Our team does everything we can to let you enjoy your renovated space sooner.
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Berber FAQs

Learn more information about Berber carpeting from these common questions and answers:

Berber designs with wool provide the softest texture, plus the natural fibers offer a hypoallergenic option for those with allergies or other sensitivities.

Flooring made out of nylon provides the most durability for resisting everyday wear and tear and includes stain-repellent treatments to help maintain its appearance.

Traditional Berber carpets are typically made by hand using natural materials tied in knots. Modern styles use manufactured loops with patterns and multicolored fleck options.

Named after the carpets woven by the Berber tribe in North Africa, Berber carpets are similarly looped in style. Typically, these carpets are light-colored and feature flecks of color throughout.

Berber actually is a loop carpet, but unlike pile-type carpets the loops are uncut. Compared to other loop carpets, Berber carpet is bulkier and almost knobby looking. This, together with the flecks of either lighter or darker colors, makes it more of an informal style of carpet.

The price of both Berber and regular carpet depends on several factors, like the material they are made out of. You can expect to pay less if a Berber carpet is made out of polypropylene than if it’s made out of wool.

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