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Smooth Saxony Carpet: Elevate Your Home with Luxurious, Velvet-Soft Comfort

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Upgrade your home with the luxurious, velvet-soft feel of Saxony carpet. With a production history beginning more than a century ago, this elegant flooring option is popular for bedrooms and formal rooms because of its plush comfort. 50Floor offers many designs to fit your style and budget preferences, so explore our Saxony selection to find your perfect new carpet.

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Key Features of Smooth Saxony Carpet

These qualities of a Saxony plush carpet provide comfort and a beautiful appearance:

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Cut pile fibers

Heated and cut fibers with twists stand straight up for a smooth look.

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Dense weave

Tightly woven fibers provide warmth and thickness, allowing your feet to sink into softness.

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Array of materials

The range of construction options includes wool, polyester, nylon and more to suit your preferences for comfort and durability.

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Customizable style

Saxony carpet is available in different materials, colors and heights provide versatility to suit your style.

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Benefits of Saxony Carpet

Many homeowners and designers favor these advantages of Saxony carpet:

  • Attractive styles
    You’ll find plenty of options for Saxony carpet, allowing you to select a look and feel you love while working with your lifestyle and budget needs.
  • Durable design
    This classic look offers a timeless style and can last for well over 10 years in a home with proper care.
  • Low maintenance
    Denser options with materials like nylon prevent dirt trapping in high-traffic areas for less upkeep.
  • Easy installation
    At 50Floor, vetted professionals provide fast, expert installation for your floors and handle everything from start to finish — including moving furniture and cleaning up.
Smooth Saxony
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Saxony Carpet FAQs

Learn more about this popular flooring option with these common questions and answers:

A high-grade textured Saxony carpet includes tight twists for durability. Options with the tightest twists and materials treated for stain resistance, like nylon, offer exceptional protection against wear and tear. The stand-up structure of the thick pile yields a high degree of strength and makes it suitable for use throughout many busy areas of a home.

A cut-pile carpet like Saxony provides an excellent flooring choice for families with dogs and cats, as the twisted fibers and protective treatments offer built-in resistance to dirt, spills and dust. For the best protection against stains when accidents do happen, consider darker colors for optimal concealment.

Nylon offers the most durable material for a low-upkeep solution. Additionally, the cut-pile design of Saxony reduces the appearance of footprints in high-traffic areas since the carpet’s textured materials help diffuse the light hitting it.

Saxony carpet is a cut pile style carpet with an even surface. With a dense weave and soft fibers, it creates a very luxurious feel where your feet sink into soft carpet. While shag carpets and other thick, soft carpets tend to have twisted fibers, Saxony carpet is made with tightly twisted fibers that are cut and then heated. This makes the fibers stand straight up, so the final look is even yet soft, like velvet.

Saxony carpet offers the dual benefit of being soft and elegant but also exceptionally durable. These qualities make it a perfect choice for bedrooms. It’s built to withstand high-traffic areas, so you’ll be able to enjoy its benefits for many years to come.

Saxony carpet is considered a type of cut loop pile carpet. This carpet, which often is made from 100% nylon, features twisted carpet fibers and broadloom woven loops. To create an even surface, the tops of the loops are sheared. This process also creates a luxurious feel, which many describe as feeling like velvet.

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