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Natural Looking Wood Flooring in Kitchen

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Flooring

There is no better time of year to deep-clean under your feet than the springtime. Your floors work hard for you all year long, taking on dirt as you walk, sit and otherwise live on them. Taking a little time and effort to spring clean your floors transforms your rooms and can help you make […]

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Family sitting on couch

12 Fun Things You Can Do at Home

A home is a place where we can be who we are and feel loved. Sometimes, spending extended time indoors can be a blessing in disguise. If you tend to get bored when staying at home, know you’re not alone. And after reading the following list of fun things to do at home, you just […]

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How to Prepare for Flooring Installation

Congratulations! You’ve purchased a beautiful new hardwood, carpet, laminate or vinyl floor for your home. Since you’ve already had an in-home consultation with 50 Floor, you know exactly how your new floor is going to look. Before you can enjoy your redesigned room, you have to get it professionally installed. While there’s not much to […]

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Master Bedroom with Carpet

How to Prevent Furniture Marks on Your Carpet

Have you ever moved a chair, sofa, bed or table in your home only to discover unsightly indentations in your carpet? These marks can be especially troublesome if you like to rearrange your furniture every year or two. The good news is you don’t have to live with carpet marks. By taking a proactive approach, […]

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Carpeted Room in House

How Long Can Coronavirus Survive on Carpet?

As news spreads about COVID-19 and people are advised to stay home and stay safe, many questions are cropping up — and for good reason. One popular question homeowners have been asking is how long coronavirus can survive on carpet. In this article, we’ll address this inquiry as well as offer tips for keeping your carpet […]

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carpet flooring in home theatre

Advantages of Darker Color Carpets

Some homeowners avoid choosing darker carpeting shades because they believe that a dark hue will make the room appear dull or dingy. However, colors such as black, navy blue, dark green, burgundy and even purple are becoming trendy home carpeting choices. These colors can provide a stylish, elegant appearance, especially in rooms with an abundance […]

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Living Room with Hardwood Floor and Rug

Tips for Choosing Flooring Colors

Choosing a new floor can be exciting — if you’re like most homeowners, you probably can’t wait to see how it will revitalize the look and feel of the room. But with so many options available these days, the process can also feel a little overwhelming. Color selection is one area that many buyers struggle […]

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Kitchen with Hardwood Floors

Can You Change the Color of Your Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors offer your home a clean and modern appearance. If your hardwood floors have undergone some wear and tear over the years, it may be time to upgrade them. Instead of replacing them altogether, though, you could change the color of your hardwood floors by staining, refinishing or painting them. Before you change the wood […]

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