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What Are Abrasion Class Ratings for Laminate?

Your flooring withstands a lot during a day — drops, spills, furniture and light to heavy foot traffic. All laminate flooring is long-lasting and resistant to many types of damage, but some flooring is crafted to be more resilient than others to meet specific needs around a home or business. One way to determine whether your laminate […]

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How Is Laminate Flooring Different From Other Flooring?

From muddy shoes and wet paws to kids’ toys and high heels, your floors see a lot of action. For that reason, you want flooring that can withstand whatever your family throws its way. When you’re choosing new floors for your home, you have many options including carpeting, vinyl, hardwood and laminate. Understanding the difference […]

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Benefits of Choosing Laminate Flooring

Laminate floors are made from synthetic materials processed into a back layer, fiberboard core, decorative layer and a top or protective layer. This type of flooring can look like wood or other materials but is very durable, easy to clean and affordable. 50 Floor offers several styles of laminate, which is one of the most […]

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