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Basement with Grey Carpet

Basement Renovation Checklist

If you’ve long dreamed of having a finished basement, one that you can use as a recreation room, entertainment area or as an additional bedroom, now might be the perfect time to start planning a renovation and remodel. If you’re not sure where to start with your project, this checklist can help. It will guide […]

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Living Room with Grey Walls and Wood Floors

Best Types of Flooring for Allergies

Allergies, along with asthma, is a common concern — in fact, it affects as much as 30 percent of adults and 40 percent of children in the United States. And although many allergens are found outdoors, dust, dander, mold and other allergy triggers found inside the home can cause problems, too. Pollen and other outdoor allergens can […]

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row of townhomes

Flooring for Townhomes

Installing high-quality flooring in your townhome provides many benefits — it transforms the appearance of your home, boosts its resale value and often makes cleaning much easier. This guide will teach you about the most popular townhome flooring solutions and how to pick the best flooring for your townhome. What to Consider When Choosing Townhome […]

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How Different Flooring Wears Over Time

Remodeling a room in your home with new flooring can be a fun and effective way to instantly transform any space. Your options for flooring choices are nearly endless. You can select an elegant hardwood or choose a durable wood laminate that retains the look and feel of real wood. You can put down a […]

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Best Flooring Options for Contemporary Homes

Many homeowners today wonder how they can update their homes to incorporate a more modern style. Contemporary interior design reflects the moment’s most up-to-date image, often honoring the best styles of the past by putting a refreshing, new spin on them. When updating your home to be more in-line with a contemporary style, one of […]

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mom and child drawing with chalk

How to Protect Floors With Kids

Kids are great at many things: making you smile, creating stunning works of art and inventing imaginary worlds. Unfortunately, one thing your kids are not great at is protecting your floors. It might seem like your bundles of joy are making only minor messes, but all the stains, scratches and bumps add up. Before you […]

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dining and living room

Tips for Moving Heavy Objects Across Flooring

Whether you are moving into a home, rearranging your furniture for spring cleaning or just bringing in a new sofa, sometimes you need to move heavy objects across floors. Unfortunately, this is where your flooring is most vulnerable. Dropping heavy furniture or other items on your floors can leave dings and dents. Dragging heavy items […]

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historic home

Renovating Historic Homes

Historic homes are older than 50 years old and meet the architectural requirements of the National Register of Historic Places. An older building that’s been preserved can provide a lucrative return on investment (ROI) and often has an interesting story. When updating an old home, you should focus on restoring its original beauty instead of completely remodeling […]

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