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Plush Carpet

As the name suggests, plush carpet is soft and luxurious. This even, thick carpet is cozy enough for a child’s or baby’s room and elegant enough for a salon or dining room. The even, thick pile gives a balanced surface look that some people compare to a lawn or velvet. If you want carpet with a luxurious feel, consider going plush.

What Is Plush Carpeting?

Plush carpeting is made by cutting open the surface of the fibers, creating a dense, smooth finish and an even height. Plush carpets are made from an array of different material and can come in different yarn twists, densities and heights. These factors can affect pricing, quality and the feel of the carpet.

You can find plush carpet made from PTT, nylon, Triexta and other materials.

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Benefits of a Plush Carpet

The feel of a plush carpet is one of the top reasons homeowners choose this type of flooring. Your foot sinks right in, and the softness of the fibers make this surface very inviting to walk, sit or relax on. A plush carpet also has a luxurious, even appearance with fray-less edges that can work well in formal or casual rooms.

If you’re concerned about your carbon footprint, you will enjoy knowing you can find plush carpets made from recycled materials, which ensures less energy goes into the manufacturing process.

Some plush carpeting is particularly simple to clean and designed to last for years. For example, plush carpets made from PTT or Triexta can resist stains and soiling, but they’re also incredibly soft. Plus, they wear well over time with minimal maintenance. Some carpets are treated to be more resistant to stains, moisture and even dust. However, nylon plush rebounds well from vacuuming and footsteps, not leaving marks behind.

Plush carpeting comes in many colors and can match virtually any décor. With modern manufacturing, you can even carve patterns into this type of carpeting for a designer look.

How to Find Quality Plush Carpet and Have It Installed

As one of the most popular styles, plush carpeting is available in almost every carpet store. However, how will you know what a sample will look like in your home if you’re looking at it in a showroom? Also, how many stores would you have to drive to if you wanted to see a variety of carpets?

With more than 40 years of combined expertise, the team at 50 Floor understand the challenges of buying carpets, and we’re dedicated to changing the way you get new flooring. It’s why we come to your home in a free appointment and bring flooring for you to look at. While saving you time, we let you look at carpets in the comfort and lighting of your home, ensuring you get the right look.

50 Floor also believes quality flooring should be accessible. That’s why we work to offer superior service, low prices, quality options and professional, timely installation. To enjoy all these benefits, schedule your free flooring appointment with 50 Floor today.

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