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Why Choose Our Plush Carpet

Plush carpets offer the ultimate comfort if you’re looking for a soft and luxurious feel. At 50Floor, you can explore an array of carpeting materials to help you find your dream floors. Transform any casual or formal room in your home into a cozy space with our wide selection of carpets to complement your style and fit your budget.

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Living Room with Plush Carpet

Key Features of Plush Carpet

These qualities are what make plush types of carpeting so desirable as home flooring:

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Smooth finishes

A cut-open fiber surface creates density with an even height.

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Frayless edges

The surface includes clean lines in a thick pile for a balanced appearance.

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Material options

Nylon, Triexta, Polytrimethylene Terephthalate (PTT) and other choices offer softness variations.

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Yarn twists

Various densities, heights and textures of the twisted fibers afford quality and pricing options to suit your needs.

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Benefits of Plush Carpet

Loved by many homeowners for its incredible softness, plush types of carpet offers these additional advantages:

  • Stylish appearance
    Carpets come in a wide array of colors to complement various themes. Thanks to modern manufacturing, they can also be made with patterns for a designer look.
  • Minimal maintenance
    Some plush carpets made with Triexta or PTT include treatments to resist stains, dust and moisture for easy upkeep.
  • Sustainable materials
    Recycled options made with less energy in the manufacturing process offer a way to lower your carbon footprint.
  • Fast installation
    At 50Floor, vetted professionals take care of everything in the installation process, including sizing and examination, moving furniture and cleaning up so you can start enjoying your new carpets as soon as possible.
Bedroom with carpet leading into bathroom with tile floors
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Find Your Flooring Style

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Plush Carpet FAQs

Learn more about plush types of carpet from these common questions and answers:

Plush-type carpets with long fibers in a cut pile design provide exceptional comfort in homes, as a high pile offers more underfoot cushion for a luxurious feel. This soft flooring includes an even, flat surface for a satisfying experience with every touch or step.

Nylon provides the best material for standing up to high-traffic areas of a home. These fibers maintain their shape and don’t flatten easily. Since the surface still offers a soft texture, this carpet provides a great way for homeowners to boost comfort while enjoying less upkeep.

Uniform color, even trimming and weight per square yard of carpet are all major factors when selecting your ideal carpet. When you reach out to 50Floor, our team will bring a variety of quality samples to your house so you can see how different options feel and look with your lighting and decorations.

Plush carpet is flooring that is cut smoothly across to achieve a soft look and feel. Also, while it’s being manufactured, each carpet tuft is sheared, creating a flat look.

Some plush carpet styles, referred to as “velvet pile carpets,” are the softest. These carpets are available in various colors.

Plush carpeting is one of the most durable types of carpet. As long as it’s professionally installed and properly maintained, you can expect your new carpet to last for many years to come.

Plush style carpet can be a little harder to clean compared to regular carpet. To keep your carpet looking its best, be sure to vacuum it once or twice a week. This will help remove the dust, dirt and debris that will wear down your carpet faster. If you spill anything on it, be sure to clean the mess right away.

Durable plush carpet works well in high-traffic areas of your home like bedrooms or the family room.

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