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In-Home Consultation Process


Your flooring plays a bigger part in your life than you may realize besides just enhancing how your home looks and feels. It’s also the one part of your home that you touch more than any other. We live on our floors. At 50Floor, we’ve designed our in-home consultation process to help you get the flooring you’ve always dreamed of. Finding new flooring has never been easier and our flooring experts will make sure you get the right floors for your specific lifestyle and style preferences. Reach out today to schedule an appointment and we’ll come by on a day and time that works best for you.

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Step One

Getting to Know You and Your Specific Needs All From the Comfort of Your Home

At 50Floor, we take pride in offering a one-stop shopping experience — all from the comfort of your home. No need to drive all over town and get questionable advice from retail store employees.  The flooring experts from 50Floor will walk you through a full needs assessment to help you fully understand our superior services and solutions.

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Step Two

Flooring Recommendations

During your in-home consultation, we’ll take the time to learn more about your unique requirements. This process lets us recommend specific flooring products based on your lifestyle, expectations and the overall vision for how you want your beautifully upgraded home to look and feel.

Plus, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from! At 50Floor we are continually updating our lineup of quality flooring options. Not only do we stock the finest products from all of the major manufacturers, but we also are expanding our line of premium quality 50Floor exclusives. You’ll always find the best options no matter the type of flooring you’re looking for.

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flooring samples

Step Three

Flooring Samples

After we have established factors like your style, type of home construction and budget considerations, we’ll bring in a variety of different flooring samples for your review. We’ll then go through each one with you so you understand all the unique features and benefits of your best flooring options. You’ll get to feel each piece, see the quality, compare options and be able to see how a specific flooring product is going to look with your lighting and decor so you can make the best selection possible.

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Step Five

Full Job Quote With No Hidden Fees

Unlike big-box stores and other flooring providers, our in-home consultations are free of charge and provide you with a full job quote with no hidden fees. Our quotes include everything. Our installers will tear out and haul away your old flooring material, perform basic floor prep and cleaning, carefully move your furniture then install new floors and trim. Once your new flooring installation is completed our crew will clean up and put all of your furniture back. Instead of having to guess at costs with the other guys, by going with 50Floor you’ll know exactly what to expect.

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FAQs About Our In-Home Flooring Consultation Process

Interested in learning more about our in-home consultation process? Check out a few of our most frequently asked questions.

Our consultations usually take one to two hours, but we can stay as long as you need. Our consultations are completely custom and tailored to your needs.

While many stores charge for an in-home consultation, ours is completely free! During this time, we’ll make sure you receive all the information you need to make a confident flooring decision.

Every flooring project is unique. We don’t include pricing on our website because the square-foot cost of the flooring is just one of several variables that can influence the total job price. Other factors include:

  • Measurements of the space.
  • Type of subfloor.
  • Waste factors on products.
  • The difficulty of removing existing flooring.

Yes! Our quotes are all-inclusive and will include all fees, from the cost of the flooring to the labor involved in installing it. We can even break down the pricing by room — just let us know your preference.

Yes! We offer some of the best warranties from big-name manufacturers. We also have a Gold Star One-Year Installation Warranty covering any additional installation services attributable to our original installation.

We use only professional flooring installation methods for laminate, hardwood, tiles, carpet and other materials. We’ll choose the best one based on your specific needs, then have our installers handle everything from clearing away furniture to cleaning up after installation.

We typically schedule installation within two weeks after you sign a contract. Most of the time, your new floors will then be installed in one day but more complex hardwood or tile projects could take longer.

Composite floorings like LVT and laminate offer exceptional durability, making them perfect for homes with pets and busy families.

Our professional installers will move any large furniture when they arrive, but we do ask that you prepare for that by removing any trinkets or small objects beforehand.

The type and condition of your subfloor will determine what kinds of flooring can be installed in your home. Before making a recommendation, we’ll also consider other factors, such as whether you have pets.

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