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living room with blue decor

DIY Decor Projects at Home

It’s satisfying to build something with your own hands, regardless of whether you could afford to buy it new. Do-it-yourself (DIY) crafts can be applied to everything from life hacks to home decor, all of which leave you with a sense of accomplishment and pride. Home decor crafts will amaze and inspire your guests and […]

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house exterior

Home Projects to Do While Quarantined

As you’re getting restless from staying home for a couple of months, you may be thinking of tackling some easy home projects while you have the extra time. Here are some suggestions for DIY home projects to do while you’re in quarantine. 1. Rearrange the Items in Each Room While you can’t run to the store […]

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woman working at desk

How to Spruce up Your Work-From-Home Space

When you work from home, you can sometimes struggle to put the office in home office. You need to enter work mode without entering a traditional office, and it’s hard to make the mental switch. To set the tone for maximum productivity, you can’t roll out of bed in the morning, grab your laptop and […]

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Family on couch with laptop

How to Optimize Your Home for Self-Quarantine

Your living space might be perfect for relaxing after a long day of work, but now that you and your family are staying home, you may feel cramped. Since you have some extra downtime, whether you’re alone or you have a full house, use this guide to maximize your home for self-quarantine. 1. Split Your […]

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Living Room with Grey Walls and Wood Floors

Best Types of Flooring for Allergies

Allergies, along with asthma, is a common concern — in fact, it affects as much as 30 percent of adults and 40 percent of children in the United States. And although many allergens are found outdoors, dust, dander, mold and other allergy triggers found inside the home can cause problems, too. Pollen and other outdoor allergens can […]

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row of townhomes

Flooring for Townhomes

Installing high-quality flooring in your townhome provides many benefits — it transforms the appearance of your home, boosts its resale value and often makes cleaning much easier. This guide will teach you about the most popular townhome flooring solutions and how to pick the best flooring for your townhome. What to Consider When Choosing Townhome […]

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How Different Flooring Wears Over Time

Remodeling a room in your home with new flooring can be a fun and effective way to instantly transform any space. Your options for flooring choices are nearly endless. You can select an elegant hardwood or choose a durable wood laminate that retains the look and feel of real wood. You can put down a […]

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Best Flooring Options for Contemporary Homes

Many homeowners today wonder how they can update their homes to incorporate a more modern style. Contemporary interior design reflects the moment’s most up-to-date image, often honoring the best styles of the past by putting a refreshing, new spin on them. When updating your home to be more in-line with a contemporary style, one of […]

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