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patterned sofa in modern room

Best Flooring for an Eclectic Home

Eclectic homes are unique to each individual, embracing the personality and boldness of the homeowner. When choosing a […]

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close up view of house

Best Flooring for Flipping Houses

Many people enter into the field of flipping houses to try their hand at restoring or upgrading real […]

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living room with blue decor

Best Flooring for Glam Style Homes

Glam interior design has risen as one of the trendiest home improvement movements in recent years. Known for […]

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dining and living room

Best Flooring for Mid-Century Modern Home Design

Incorporating a mid-century modern style in your home décor is an effective way to make your space look unique […]

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kitchen and living room with light wood floors

Best Flooring for Scandinavian Home Design

Deciding on the right flooring is a pivotal part of the design process. It serves as the literal […]

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consider texture and color

Best Flooring for Vacation Properties

Many people own vacation properties at the beach, in the mountains or other popular locations. All those properties […]

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Industrial Style Kitchen Flooring

Flooring Ideas for an Industrial-Style Home

Industrial homes need floors that honor the space’s urban aesthetic but also offer functionality, and in some cases, […]

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Feet Walking on Wood Floors

Flooring That’s Easy on the Feet and Joints

The flooring choices you make enhance your home’s beauty, and in many cases, they can also improve comfort […]

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