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Kitchens have evolved over the years. Today’s modern kitchen often includes multiple appliances and maybe even a smart tech element or two.

To bump up the modern home design of your contemporary kitchen, be sure to choose floors that exude a leading-edge feel. 50Floor shares our top recommendations for picking kitchen floors that look fresh and updated.

What Makes a Kitchen Modern?

Your definition of modern may differ slightly from someone else’s. Most people envision modern design as having a few specific elements, such as:

  • Clean lines: Chaotic or muddled designs don’t tend to be part of contemporary kitchen design.
  • Strong lighting: Lighting elements are essential for modern kitchens because they make the space seem airier and more natural.
  • Shine and gloss: When you walk into an updated, modern kitchen, you know it immediately. You’ll see the sparkle from the stainless steel refrigerator to the polished and sleek countertops.

Keeping these traits in mind, you can start to choose between the suitable contemporary floor options available.

Best Modern Kitchen Flooring Options

Check out some of the most popular contemporary kitchen flooring options below:

Vinyl Flooring

Forget everything you knew about vinyl flooring. Today’s vinyl floors include various patterns and textures to mimic the appearance of anything from porcelain tiles to exotic hardwoods.

When selecting a vinyl floor for your contemporary kitchen, opt for lighter tones and neutrals. That way, you can achieve a minimalist aesthetic.

Hardwood Floors

Many people worry that they have to give up their hardwood flooring dreams to have a modern kitchen. The right hardwood flooring can accentuate the crisp, defined lines of a food prep and eat-in space.

Aim to choose hardwoods and engineered hardwoods that contain fewer knots and longer grains. Find a hardwood that can withstand a lot of traffic. Kitchens tend to be some of the busiest rooms, so you need a hardwood that can keep up without scuffing or scratching.

Tile Floors

There are limitless perks to tile floors when you’re updating your kitchen to achieve a modern flair. This kind of flooring can bring out a sense of sparkle and play from porcelain to ceramic tiles.

In keeping with the classy feel of your modern kitchen, avoid excessive or highly contrasting tile patterns. Instead, lean toward conservative patterning or monochromatic — or almost monochromatic — designs. Your kitchen will get a visual boost, and you’ll get the benefit of knowing that you’ve picked a floor that will go the distance.

Floors for the Kitchen of the Future

Has your kitchen been stuck in a time warp? Bring it into the future with floors that say 2021 — not 1980. At 50Floor, our team of flooring specialists is ready to come to your home with a range of floor samples. That way, you can try different modern kitchen floors before making your choice. It’s the easiest way to move from a dated to a modern kitchen design.

Set up an appointment today at a time that’s convenient.

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