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Ways to Add Texture Into Your Home Decor

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There are countless elements to consider when crafting the ultimate home design for your space. Adding or adjusting lighting, your color scheme and out-of-the-box patterns can transform a space in different ways. Another element to make the space more “you” is texture.

Adding texture to a room will increase life, complexity and depth. Whether you choose to embrace texture by adding plants, going wild with new textiles or mixing it up with a dynamic new floor, transformation is at your fingertips.

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Add Textiles to Each Room

The most fantastic part about textiles? There is no limit to how creative you can be. Textiles are a way to inject both personality and texture to a room, from fuzzy couch cushions and silk curtains to burlap waste paper baskets and ceramic vases. Beyond decorative items, you can incorporate textiles into your architectural elements — such as rough-hewn wooden beams or tile backsplashes.

By adding a variety of textiles, such as wood, cotton or velvet, you’ll add interesting elements that draw the eye.

Go Green for a Natural Feel

When it comes to texture in home decor, get creative with some well-placed flora and fauna. Bring a fresh feel to your home with plants — from potted plants to small tabletop vases and hanging plants. Greenery has a way of adding life and energy to a home, as well as fun texture in the form of leaves, stems and flowers. Even the pots or hangers you choose can add texture.

Whether you go for exotic colored plants or simple shades of green leaves, the textures will bring a refreshed dynamic to your space.

Use Textured Floors as a Base

It’s easy to overlook flooring as a texture option in interior design. But this essential base for each room offers one of the best opportunities for transformation

The rustic, wooden grain texture and smooth finish of a dark hardwood floor, for example, can bring a whole new look and feel to your home. Or opt for a smooth flooring finish such as concrete or marble, which will provide a unique texture and give you many furniture and decor options. Classic rug carpeting can also incorporate a new texture and feel to a room, adding warmth and color.

Whether you want to transform just one room or your entire home, textured floors may be the most impactful way to create a new look.

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