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Top Eight Benefits of Matte Finish Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood floors are known for their polished, shiny style, reflecting the light and creating a glossy glow. While this look remains popular, a matte finish on hardwood floors is on the rise.

Matte hardwood floors are buffed for a more natural look and have a low luster sheen. It’s easy to see why the matte wood floors style is rising in popularity — it has several benefits that make it an extremely desirable floor choice.

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1. Visually Appealing

If you’re searching for a natural, rustic look, the matte wood floor finish is as good as it gets. Dark hardwood floors are renowned for their woodsy feel, and matte floors even more so. The lack of shine and realistic coloring allow you to see the detail of the grain. Plus, matte floors are currently in vogue, which will give your home a modern, trendy feel.

2. Ultimate Durability

A perk of matte wood floors is their long-lasting shelf life. A matte finish allows your floor to retain its look for longer over time — it will hide scuff marks or dings much better than hardwood or glossy finished flooring. Even if you don’t have pets or young children in the house, everyday use will cause inevitable wear and tear on your floor.

With a matte finish, these imperfections will be much less noticeable and blend in with the woodwork, compared to a shinier floor. While you may eventually want to refinish your matte floors, you’ll need to do so far less often than with regular hardwood flooring.

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3. Camouflages Imperfections

Matte finish hardwood floors hide dirt for longer, making them easier to keep clean. Without a sparkling finish, the daily messes or dust that accumulate won’t have a spotlight on them. A matte finish is more forgiving of the inevitable until you can break out the broom.

If you’re interested in the idea of breaking away from a glossy finish but aren’t sure if matte is the look for you, consider a satin finish instead. It meets in the middle, allowing you to retain the durable nature of matte while adding a subtle hint of hardwood gloss.

4. Compliments Rustic Décor

Unfinished, distressed and rustic-looking homes with wide plank floors or distressed flooring look most natural with matte wood floors. Matte finish hardwood floors don’t reflect light and look as though the wood has been laid down with little or no finishing. If you want the cottage feel of raw wood, hardwood floors can give you that appearance.

5. Helps You Play With Light

One of the benefits of matte wood floors is they don’t gleam or shine in the light. If you take lots of pictures or just don’t want a shine in your home, matte finish wooden floors are a great choice.

Their lack of gloss can even create a dramatic look. If you have mirrored furniture, very sunny rooms or lots of reflective surfaces, having one less gleaming surface can give you a break. The lack of shine also allows you to really see and appreciate the appearance of the wood.

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6. Lets You Go Historic

If you have a historic home, a matte finish for your wood flooring can be very effective. In the early 1990s and before, it was not uncommon for floors to be left unfinished. They may have been sanded or polished with linseed oil to help them look their best. Today’s matte wooden floors are more durable and require less maintenance while giving you that historic feel.

7. Provides Drama

Dark matte hardwood floors can look very sophisticated and dramatic. They are also unique and can help you express your style, especially if you pair the floors with reflective surfaces and lighter or modern furniture. Dark matte wood floors can look very modern, especially with white furniture, while paler, high-gloss floors can look dated in some rooms.

8. Highlights Texture

If you’re considering a sophisticated, textured wood floor, such as a hand-scraped or wire-brushed option, a matte finish lets the texture shine through. Instead of using gloss or color to add visual interest, you can use the wood’s texture and shape to make an impact. Textured wood floors work best with a matte finish, as it allows the details of the wood to shine.

Styling Matte Wood Floors

If you choose a matte finish for your wood floor, select the wood color carefully and always look at multiple samples. Since matte finishes highlight the wood, the wrong color and any imperfections will be visible.

Once your floors are installed, consider modern furniture to create a sophisticated look or rustic décor for a country, cottage feel. Plenty of lighting and pale-colored furniture can look attractive against a matte finish. Natural or rustic patterns for upholstery and window treatments can complement the overall look.

Many homeowners who opt for a matte wood floor choose to leave their floors bare and move furniture out of the way to allow the wood to take center stage. Matte wood floors also look great with area rugs and are neutral enough to handle bold patterns.

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