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7 Common Things That Damage Hardwood Floors

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Beautiful hardwood floors can last for generations when properly cared for. In fact, it’s not uncommon to find historic properties with original flooring. Their hardiness is one of the reasons why hardwood flooring is so popular.

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Although quality floors can last for a long time, damage to hardwood floors can occur, and it can happen with common issues, including:

  • High heels: High heels on wood floors can scuff or even scratch the surface. Going shoe-free or wearing slippers indoors can help you keep your floors beautiful. Not wearing outdoor shoes inside can also help you avoid tracking dirt and germs into your home.
  • Pet nails: Fido’s or Fluffy’s nails can cause scratches to your flooring, making your wood floors look dull or damaged with time. Trimming your pet’s nails before you hear that tell-tale “click click click” on the floors is comfortable and healthy for your pet and helps you keep your home looking its best.
  • Furniture: Every time you sit down on furniture, the legs of your chairs, sofas and other pieces can dig into the wood, leaving scratches and even gouges. Place furniture pads under all your furniture and on all furniture legs. Check the furniture pads regularly to make sure they are still on correctly and have not fallen off. You may need to replace them as they wear down so they provide enough cushion.
  • Moving: Moving any item of furniture is a high-risk situation for your hardwood floors. Dropping a heavy item on your floors can cause indentations and dragging a heavy piece across the surface can leave deep gouges. Always lift furniture completely off the floor and set it down gently. Work with professional movers where possible and use thick moving blankets under any furniture that’s too heavy to lift and must be dragged across the floor.
  • Debris: Tiny debris, such as pieces of gravel, can be ground into the surface of your floor and can even become embedded in the surface.
  • Liquid: Liquid can seep in the seams and can cause moisture damage. In serious cases, it can cause mold and warping.
  • Sunlight: Sunshine directly on your floors can cause fading and discoloration. It will also create an uneven look since areas near your windows will be most affected. Always close your drapes or use sheer curtains to protect your home.

How To Protect Wood Floors

Knowing how to protect your floors lets you make the most out of your investment, and there are a few things you can do to keep your flooring looking great. Here are a few tips for protecting and caring for your hardwood flooring:

  • Clean your floors properly: Sweep floors regularly and do not use large amounts of liquid. Use damp mops and dry, soft brooms instead. If you notice a spill or any debris, clean it up at once. Never use cleaners with acrylics or urethane. Read the label and make sure you’re using a cleaner intended for hardwood floors. When using a new cleaner for the first time, use it on a tiny and inconspicuous part of the floor first.
  • Maintain your hardwood floors: Get familiar with the manufacturer guidelines that came with your hardwood flooring. Maintain your floors as directed.
  • Consider additional protection: In high-traffic areas, especially, use a mat or area rug to protect your floors. However, avoid rubber backings and rubber no-slip treads. A combination felt and rubber pad is much gentler on floors.

One additional tip — choosing quality hardwood floors designed for your lifestyle is a good way to ensure your floors stay looking their best. Whether you want flooring for high-traffic areas or are worried about your pets, make an appointment for an in-home consultation with 50Floor experts. Our flooring professionals will bring samples to your home and will consider all factors when helping you choose the right flooring for your home and your budget.

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