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Sunlight shining in from your windows onto your beautiful hardwood floors makes them look even more dazzling, but that sun exposure can cause damage over time. You don’t want faded patches of hardwood flooring where the sun shines most of the day. Learn how to prevent sun damage on your hardwood floors with these six tips:

1. Choose a Suitable Color

Any color flooring is susceptible to sun damage over time, but some colors make a better choice for certain rooms. Light colors canfade, but the fading won’t be as noticeable with time. That makes them a great option for rooms with a lot of sun exposure, such as sunrooms.

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2. Install Window Film

One of the best preventive measures for protecting hardwood flooring is stopping ultraviolet (UV) rays before they reach your floors. If you have many large windows around a room, install quality window films that let light in but block harmful UV rays to save your floors. As a bonus, you’ll also protect the furniture in your home.

3. Install Awnings

Whether you don’t want to deal with window film or desire additional protection, awnings can help. If you don’t mind how awnings will alter your home’s facade, they can be a great way to add shade and protect your floors. You may not see as much sunlight coming into your home, but that will protect your floors and provide energy-efficient benefits.

4. Control the Temperature Inside

If your home gets hot and humid, you risk warping your hardwood floors. That will create an uneven surface that’s unattractive and a potential tripping hazard. During the hot months, run your air conditioner or do what you can to keep your home cool. You’ll also want to control the humidity that often comes with heat. Monitor the humidity in your home and run a dehumidifier if you need it.

5. Occasionally Move Furniture

We’re not saying you need to rearrange your living spaces every other month. But occasional furniture moves help expose areas of your floor that didn’t get sun before to make any fading more even and less noticeable. Be careful as you move furniture, using protective sliders and lifting rather than dragging pieces when you can.

6. Use Products With UV Protection on Your Floors

Cleaners and finishes on the market offer sun protection for hardwood floors. With other precautions around the rest of your room, this step will protect hardwood floors from the sun directly.

When you get new floors or refinish your existing ones, choose materials that protect against scratches, moisture and sun damage. Then, clean your floors with products that can add sun protection. Just be sure that the cleaner is made for hardwood and isn’t so strong that it fades your flooring.

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