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Tips to Protect Hardwood Floors From Fading

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Your hardwood floors are a unique feature of your home, adding warmth and elegant charm. Whether you have had your hardwood floors for a while or just had them professionally installed, you should keep your hardwood floors clean and clear so they last you and your family for years to come.

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As your floors age, there is the issue of the color fading. If you want to maintain the quality and color of your beautiful wood, follow these four tips.

1. Avoid Natural Light

The sun offers warmth and light that we all love. It can also drain your hardwood floors of color. The sun’s UV rays can harm the flooring, causing discoloration and fading.

To protect your flooring from this effect, consider closing curtains and shades in rooms you’re not using. If you enjoy the natural lighting, a better solution would be to tint the windows with a UV shield. With the sun’s rays at a distance, your flooring stays happy.

2. Move Furniture Around

No one should keep their furniture in the same place for years. It causes inconsistent color and quality in your flooring. When it comes to hardwood, you want to move your furniture around twice a year. This allows your entire floorplan to be used and cleaned regularly, maintaining the overall color and durability.

3. Decorate Windows With Plants

Remember how we said natural lighting is not great for hardwood floors? Well, we have another solution for you. If you don’t like curtains and shades or don’t want to tint your windows, take a trip to your favorite garden center instead.

Green plants love sunlight and are always looking for more. Place a range of beautiful plants in front of your windows or plant bushes right outside of the window. They’ll keep the floor damage to a minimum.

50Floor Brings Quality Flooring Options to Your Home

Keep your home a cozy environment for the whole family. With these tips, your floors will remain vibrant for a long while. If your floors are older or you’re looking to install hardwood floors, 50Floor is happy to help. We offer quality flooring options and an at-home shopping experience. We bring the flooring samples to you so you can decide which flooring complements your home best.

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