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Flooring for Narrow Hallways

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Some spaces in your house feel challenging to decorate. Small corners and narrow hallways can feel limiting due to their size, making you unsure of what to do. While smaller, these are functional areas that help you further establish and enhance your home’s interior design and comfort.

If you have a narrow hallway that needs renovating, let 50Floor help. We have tips that can take your hallway to a whole new level!

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Tips for Choosing Flooring in Narrow Hallways

Choosing hallway flooring can be tricky, especially if you have a narrow hallway. When you’re looking at flooring, consider the function of your hallway.

You’ll want to choose flooring based on the location of your narrow hallway. Wood and tile work nicely in entrance hallways. Whenever it’s a rainy day, you can walk right into your home without a worry about muddy stains or dripping water. Both wood and tile are easy to clean and reflect light, illuminating the entranceway.

For hallways that connect bedrooms and bathrooms, carpet is a great option to keep the area warm and comfortable. Wood is another excellent choice. While wood is more rigid, it can complement crown molding and doors beautifully.

Color choice is also critical. Light and neutral colors are clean, simple, and make your room look spacious. Choosing a cream-colored carpet expands your room while providing a quiet walk. Light wood flooring with planks running the length of the hallway makes your space feel larger, too.

Best Flooring for Narrow Hallways

There are several flooring options for hallways. Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty about the quality, durability, and versatility of your hallway.


Tile is excellent for entrance hallways and areas near, in, or around the kitchen. They are porcelain or ceramic. Both are durable. Whether something slips from your hand or there’s an accidental spill, you can trust that a tile floor can handle it. This flooring can even be made slip-resistant and scratch-resistant.


Carpeting is great for bedrooms and hallways connecting bedrooms. It comes in multiple colors and textures to match your style and comfort. Carpeting also helps insulate areas. Depending on the type of carpet fiber you choose, your carpet can last for years. All you need is a weekly vacuum routine!


Wood floors come in many colors and installation options. Planks can run the length of your hallway, the width, or diagonally. Narrow hallways benefit from length-wise planks. The wood creates a welcoming environment and it is easy to maintain.

Vinyl and Laminate

A cost-effective flooring choice, vinyl can mimic the look of wood or tile. It’s also water-resistant, making it favorable for entranceways and areas around bathrooms and the kitchen. Vinyl floors have many layers, including protective coatings that help them last a long time.

Laminate mimics wood floors and comes with water-resistant qualities that make it perfect for similar places as vinyl.

50Floor Offers a Range of Flooring Options for Every Space in Your Home

Make your smaller hallway work for you. 50Floor has several flooring options for you to browse. We even offer an at-home shopping experience so you can see what the flooring samples look like in your narrow hallways. It’s a convenient way for you to choose the flooring that matches your home perfectly.

View Flooring Options by Room

If you’re ready to explore flooring options for your narrow hallway, schedule your appointment today!

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