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Tips for Moving Heavy Objects Across Flooring

Whether you are moving into a home, rearranging your furniture for spring cleaning or just bringing in a new sofa, sometimes you need to move heavy objects across floors. Unfortunately, this is where your flooring is most vulnerable.

Dropping heavy furniture or other items on your floors can leave dings and dents. Dragging heavy items can create deep gouges or scratches that can ruin the look of your whole room. Even on carpet, moving heavy items can be a problem. It can eventually cause the carpet’s backing to break and make the carpet wrinkle to the point it no longer lays flat. In some instances, moving heavy furniture may also cause rips or tears in the carpet.

How to Move Heavy Objects Without Damaging Your Floors

If you do have to move a baby grand piano, boxes, bookshelves, couches or any heavy item, there are a few ways you can protect your floors.

1. Cleanliness First

Always sweep your hard surface floors or vacuum your carpets before you start to move anything. If there are any small bits of gravel or debris anywhere on the floor, placing heavy objects on them or moving items across them can cause gouges and scratches.

Similarly, make sure you are wearing indoor shoes when you move heavy items. Any dirt you bring into the house during the move can cause damage. Professional movers place disposable booties over their shoes for just this reason.

Remove any obstacles in the way to avoid bumping into or tripping over these items. Keep pets and children well out of the way on moving day.

2. Lift Where Possible

If it is at all possible, lift an object and carry it to its place. If you are moving a bookshelf, for example, take out the books and carry them a bit at a time. If you are carrying a hutch of drawers, remove the drawers and anything inside the furniture item so it is light enough to lift. You may also be able to lift and carry if you hire professional movers or recruit a friend to help you lift larger items.

3. Put Down Padding

If you must drag heavy items across the floor, put down padding such as towels or special moving blankets to protect your floors. Make sure there is no debris on this padding, as it will cause scratches. Also, never use paper-based padding such as cardboard, as it can scuff hard surface floors.

If you need to move furniture on carpet, you might consider adding furniture sliders directly underneath your heavy objects. The sliders have a slightly padded top surface and a hard bottom surface and can help you move items with ease — without causing damage to your carpet.

4. Slow Down

When moving, work methodically. Check to make sure your heavy objects have not slipped off the padding, and you are not causing any damage to the floors as you work.

Call 50 Floor to Replace Your Scuffed or Damaged Floor

Sometimes, even when you take all precautions, you end up scratching or otherwise damaging your floor. Or perhaps you have moved into a home where the previous owners have ruined the floors with improper care or when moving. If this is the case, repairs may be costly. They may not even be possible.

Fortunately, there is a budget-conscious solution. 50 Floor can come to your home and show you a range of quality, brand-name flooring solutions at great prices. Our warranties and professional services ensure your floors look amazing again in no time! Schedule your free, in-home consultation with 50 Floor today.

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