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Choosing a new floor can be exciting — if you’re like most homeowners, you probably can’t wait to see how it will revitalize the look and feel of the room. But with so many options available these days, the process can also feel a little overwhelming. Color selection is one area that many buyers struggle with as you want to be sure it will complement the room’s decor and interior design.

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How to Choose a Flooring Color

Here at 50Floor, we understand the challenges many homeowners face when selecting a floor color. We’ve assembled the following list of tips to make the process a little easier and less stressful:

1. Consider the size of the room

If you’re putting a new floor in a large or wide room, going with a darker color will make a sprawling space feel somewhat smaller and cozier. In contrast, a lighter color such as beige or cream can help “open up” cramped living areas and make them seem bigger.

2. Type of lighting

Are you installing a floor in a room with large windows that allow plenty of sunlight to enter? A darker floor color will create a visually appealing contrast that produces a dramatic effect. In rooms that rely on more artificial light, a lighter shade will make them feel brighter and livelier. If possible, experiment with samples at different times of the day to get the full impact.

3. Wall color

Consider the color of your walls when determining the best flooring for your space. Look for flooring colors that will complement your design style and room’s color palette.

4. Furniture and other decor features

You want your flooring color to complement, rather than clash with the rest of the interior. Consider the color of your furniture, artwork and other statement pieces you already have or are planning to put in the room. Be certain that your flooring color will blend with these items.

5. Mood

You can choose colors that project a variety of moods. If you’re going for sunny and fun, consider a floor with a yellow shade. If you want to create a peaceful, laid-back environment, choose gray. If you prefer class and elegance, black is the best option.

6. Similar or contrasting

Do you have flooring in several connecting rooms in your home or an open floor plan? You’ll need to decide whether you want the same flooring color in every room or throughout the area. Making them alike creates a sense of flow that has a unifying effect. However, choosing a different color floor for each room or area helps to establish separate living zones.

The Experts at 50Floor Can Help You Choose Your Flooring Color

At 50Floor, our shop at home process removes all the guesswork from choosing floor colors. Because we come to you at your convenience, you can view as many samples as you wish in your home’s light. You can make your flooring choice with complete confidence — and you won’t waste valuable time driving to the local home improvement store. You’ll also appreciate our tremendous selection, competitive prices and expert advice.

View Flooring Options by Room

Feel free to contact us with your floor color questions or to set up a no-obligation in-home consultation today.

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