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Reasons to Consider Grey Hardwood Floors

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What’s one of the biggest trends in floors today? Grey flooring. Homeowners everywhere are gravitating toward grey-toned laminate and engineered hardwood for bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, dining areas and hallways.

What makes grey floors so appealing? Their popularity revolves around a few key facts about the hue and its abilities:

1. The Right Shade of Grey Can Go With Anything

You’ve probably heard repeatedly that if you want longevity from your floors, you should choose neutral colors. That’s very true. However, you don’t have to stick with brown, black or white. Make grey your go-to neutral instead! Don’t worry about being stuck with one look, either. Grey can run the gamut from dark to light and even have blue undertones. This trait makes it tremendously versatile, especially if you’re matching existing pantry cabinets, built-in bookshelves or a gorgeous stone fireplace.

2. Lighter Greys Make Spaces Seem Bigger

Do you have a cozy room you wish was a little wider or deeper? One way to create an illusion that your small space has grown a few feet is by installing light grey flooring. Then, pair your flooring with light walls that have a bit of a darker tone than the floor. You get a pop of brightness and your eye will be drawn toward the walls and away from the center of the room.

Voilà — you’ve increased the room’s perceived square footage without bumping out a single wall.

3. Grey Flooring Comes in Various Textures

Grey floors can be completely grey. They can also be highly patterned and textured to mimic anything from weathered wood to painted hardwood grains. Therefore, you can find a grey flooring choice that works no matter what type of interior design vision you have for your home.

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4. Grey Floors Disguise Blemishes and Hide Dust Bunnies

No one wants a floor that shows all the dust or scratches of everyday life. Grey flooring hides dust bunnies, allowing you to skip a day or two before vacuuming or sweeping. It can also cover up little bumps and scratches.

5. Grey Exudes a Sense of Warmth and Comfort

Maybe you always assumed grey was drab, but that’s not the case. Grey has an overall calming effect, making it ideal for rooms where you just want to relax. It also imbues any spot with a bit of sophistication. Try a darker grey for a majestic formal dining room that’s just a touch on the regal side. Or choose a lighter, peppier grey for a fun, whimsical kid’s bedroom. You’ll soon find a grey tint perfect for making your ideal room ambiance a reality.

Add Grey Hardwood Floor Colors to Your Home’s Palette

Now that you know the biggest reasons to consider grey color wood flooring, make sure to test it in your home and schedule an appointment with a 50Floors expert. We’ll bring tons of grey hardwood flooring samples to you, allowing you to see just how phenomenal grey can be as your next floor color.

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