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Ways to Master the Layered Rug Look

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The layering-rugs look is a popular style for multiple reasons. Multiple rugs add softness, texture and visual interest under your feet. Placing rugs on top of each other can achieve aesthetic goals, fill an ample space and protect your floors in high-traffic areas. 50Floor can help you layer your rugs and select flooring to match your style.

How to Create a Stunning Layered Rug Look

You can create stunning floors by:

Choosing Complementary Colors

Consider what colors you want to layer. Try starting with a neutral color and adding a brighter or darker complement. Contrasting colors, like green and red, create an eye-catching look, while monochrome tones add depth.

If you’re layering patterned and solid rugs, try placing a solid rug first with patterned rugs on top so the pattern can shine through. If your room already features bright colors or bold prints, you can use your rugs to enhance the existing palette.

Sizing Correctly

Before you bring in a rug, measure your room’s dimensions. In a large room, layering multiple patterned rugs makes the room cozier. In smaller rooms, arrange fewer rugs in simple designs. A few rugs layered in high-traffic areas are attractive without being overwhelming.

Playing With Texture

Liven up your space by layering natural fiber rugs with synthetic, furry rugs. See what other textures you already have in the room and choose complements to bring out your existing décor.

Looking at Multiple Angles

Try placing your base rug in the center of the room and then set other rugs on top at various angles. It will take some time to get the colors and the arrangement just right. To test out multiple setups, stand on a ladder or chair and take a photo so you can see what looks best.

Choose the Right Flooring for the Layered Rug Look

Flooring is the foundation that helps your rugs look stunning. Whether you choose hardwood, carpet, laminate, luxury vinyl tile or vinyl, you can enjoy beautiful floors peeking out under your rugs.

50Floor provides impressive new floors at great prices. We bring samples directly to your home so you can compare the most attractive floors in-house. See how our flooring options will look with your lighting and your décor.

Schedule a free appointment with 50Floor now to learn more about our quality floors at exceptional prices.

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