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How to Create Natural Flow in Your Home

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While each room in your home may have a different appearance, your overall design should be cohesive. Flow within a home ensures that all of your rooms work well together. An attractive, unified look gives you more flexibility to move décor from room to room. Choosing attractive flooring from 50Floor and furniture will create a seamless design.

Creating Good Flow in Your Home Design

To improve your home’s cohesion:

Plan for Function

One of the best ways to determine your home’s flow is to walk through and consider how you use the space. Where are the entrances? What areas need to work together? Your dining room and kitchen, for example, should be close together, and you likely want your workshop separate from your living space. Each space should be intentional in design to help you live comfortably.

Position Large Furniture Carefully

Place furniture to encourage natural flow. Try to avoid blocking the view or room entrances. Instead, consider moving large pieces up against walls or around open areas to create designated spaces throughout your home. If you like an open concept home with minimal wall space, finding balance with your furniture is even more essential for flow. Experiment to get the right fit with your furniture.

Choose Complementary Flooring

While you can use different flooring in each room, all your floors should look like they belong in the same house. Complementary flooring goes with the overall feel of your home and has a similar look. For example, you may have colorful tile or laminate in your bathrooms and bright carpets in the bedrooms.

Think of a Theme

The idea of pattern in interior design focuses on related ideas rather than repetition. Picking a theme and sticking to it can help you decorate your entire home. If you like the Victorian style, consider a Victorian look throughout. If your favorite color is blue, use different shades throughout your home to tie each room together. You can create natural flow with your preferences and consistent decorating.

Find Flooring for Your Vision

50Floor is your solution for a comprehensive flooring experience. We offer a wide selection, great prices, robust warranties and in-home visits. You can shop flooring samples directly from your home. Schedule a free appointment with 50Floor today for a consultation with one of our flooring experts!

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