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The line between a busy room and spunky decorating is fine. There are easy ways to make a room less busy if you’ve crossed the line. 50Floor has a few steps to let you keep your fun style while adding breathing space.

What Is a Busy Design?

A busy room design is visually jarring and crowded. It can feel cramped, even if there is plenty of room. If you feel overwhelmed in a room, it may have a busy design.

Bold colors, patterns or oversize pieces are separate from busy rooms. Your space can have bright elements and still be serene.

Why Does Your Room Look Busy?

A room can feel busy if:

  • It’s a small space with a lot of clutter.
  • There are too many different colors.
  • The patterns in the room are too mismatched.
  • The designer paid too little attention.

Rooms can also look cramped if the proportions of furniture and design items are unbalanced.

How to Simplify Your Design

If you want to make your room less busy, you can do a few things:

  • Take photos: Pictures allow you to step back and critically evaluate the space. Review multiple photos to see what spots look cramped.
  • Declutter: Tidying up can make any space feel less busy. If you have items piled up everywhere, removing them can help restore calm. You can also take out a few pieces of furniture and decorative items to open up the space.
  • Rearrange furniture: Move the furniture around to create more space and mobility. Take photos of each new arrangement you try — you may notice one piece sticking out.
  • Limit colors: Refining your color palette and patterns can cool down a hectic room. For example, removing a patterned carpet or bright tile can subdue the entire space.

Consider whether your floors are contributing to the issue. Dark, bright or boldly patterned floors work best with simple decorations. If you want bold furniture, it may be time to update your flooring so it provides a good foundation for your style.

Introduce Calm With Help From 50Floor

If your floors could use some help, call on 50Floor. We have a team of specialists and a wide selection of quality flooring options. Schedule a free appointment, and we’ll come to your home with samples and show you how new floors can transform your space!

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