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Shopping from home is convenient, and it can be more sustainable. If you’re searching for home renovation items such as flooring, shopping from your own home can help you get the right floors and avoid multiple shopping trips.

Is Shopping From Home More Sustainable?

If you’re buying design items for your home, shopping from home can be a greener option. It helps you avoid:


When you shop in a store, you look at products under fluorescent shop lights that affect their appearance. Every time you need to make a return, you’ll either use your own car or hire a truck to get larger items back to the store. Preventing returns saves time, effort and gas waste.

If you work with 50Floor, we offer in-home consultations with samples so you can see how your flooring will look in your home, with your furniture and with your lighting.

Unnecessary Trips

If you’re looking for design elements like flooring, shopping from home lets you assess various choices without making unnecessary trips. When you shop at a store, you may need to drive to multiple locations to pick up samples, see what’s in stock and track down items. Shopping from home saves you time from going between locations and helps you get what you want faster.

Buyer’s Remorse

Some products, like flooring, are meant to last for a long time, so it’s important to avoid buyer’s remorse. If your regret your purchase, you still have to look at it every day. If you replace your floors, paint or furniture before it’s necessary, you will have to spend more money and send items to the landfill. Being sure about every purchase will help your wallet and the environment, and you can enjoy your new pieces.

When you work with 50Floor, we make sure you love your floors and provide options that will last for years.

Find Sustainable Flooring With 50Floor

50Floor understands that homeowners want sustainable products. That’s why we offer a range of flooring options, including sustainable and waterproof vinyl or laminate floors. Our in-house consultations let you see flooring samples in your home and reduce the number of car trips you need to make. We have budget-friendly, long-lasting and custom solutions for your flooring needs.

Schedule your free appointment and find sustainable flooring today!

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