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Flooring Samples

If you are hoping to change the look and feel of any room in your home with a new floor, you will want to look at many flooring samples to explore all the possibilities. Samples give you the closest experience to having your new floor and allow you to compare different options easily.

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Why Are Flooring Samples Important?

While today, you can look at flooring solutions in pictures online and in glossy catalogs, there’s really no comparison to looking at floor and carpet samples in person. This is because floor covering samples offer several important advantages:

  • They let you see and compare the color of your flooring choices. Trying out samples in your home allows you to see the exact color of your intended floors with more accuracy than is possible in a catalog or online. You also get to see exactly how different colors will look in your home’s lighting.
  • They let you try out different options realistically. You can’t get a real sense of what a finished floor will look like by holding up a picture or by installing an entirely new floor, just hoping it works. Samples are the closest way to get a real feel for what a finished floor would look like.
  • They allow you to see and compare quality. Flooring samples let you see the underside or the layers. If a tile is made from engineered materials, you can see the various layers and how they hold together, the thickness of the floor and other details that could affect the quality and longevity of the final product. Carpet samples let you see the plushness, weave, thickness and other details up close.
  • They allow you to touch and explore the texture of floors. The texture of the floors will affect how slippery they are, how comfortable they are and the final look. You can’t evaluate texture accurately from a catalog or picture, but you can with floor samples.

How 50 Floor Brings Flooring Samples Right to Your Door

At 50 Floor, we understand there is no substitute for seeing samples in the comfort of your own home. We bring samples of hardwood floors, carpets, vinyl flooring and more right to you in a free appointment, so you can see how different options work with your home’s lighting and furnishings. We ask you questions about the room where the flooring will be installed, such as how you use the room and how often, to gauge exactly which flooring options are best for your use and budget. We answer your questions as well, and our flooring experts help you make the right selection.

Once you decide on the perfect floor, 50 Floor will order it for you and take care of timely, professional installation, so you can start enjoying your flooring faster. Whether you’re interested in vinyl flooring, hardwood floors or carpet, make an appointment with our flooring experts for a free consultation right in your home.

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