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There is no better time of year to deep-clean under your feet than the springtime. Your floors work hard for you all year long, taking on dirt as you walk, sit and otherwise live on them. Taking a little time and effort to spring clean your floors transforms your rooms and can help you make the most of your flooring investment.

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Best Tips for Spring Cleaning Floors

How you tackle your flooring will depend mainly on the floors you have in each room. Take a look at each flooring type:


To spring clean carpets, use these tips:

  • Schedule a professional carpet cleaning, and look for a well-rated service offering steam cleaning.
  • Give your carpets a good vacuum and spot-treat any stains. You should spot-treat stains as soon as they occur, but if you have missed a few, use a stain remover and be sure to completely absorb up the moisture from the carpet using paper towels.
  • Take a close look at the state of your carpets. If there are any tears or damage, have them repaired or replaced, since loose threads and tears will likely get worse and are unsightly. Damage to your carpet can also pose a tripping risk.

If you want to deep-clean your carpet without the help of a professional, rent or purchase a carpet cleaner to freshen and revive your floors.

Tile and Vinyl

Tile and vinyl floors are prized for their attractiveness and for how easy they are to clean. During spring, you can offer these surfaces some more attention so they end up sparkling:

  • Sweep and mop your floors with a non-ammonia and non-soap product.
  • Check your floors for stains and consult your product manual to determine how to spot-treat these areas to create clean surfaces.
  • Tackle grout with a steam cleaner if you have tile floors or a toothbrush and mild detergent if you have vinyl floors. Dirt can become trapped in grout if you have it. If you have textured floors, pay extra attention and effort to cleaning spaces where grime gets trapped, which can help make the entire surface look cleaner.

Applying a little elbow grease is typically all the spring cleaning your tile and vinyl floors need to shine.


If you have beautiful hardwood floors, you will want to take steps to keep your wood floors looking their best:

  • Use a mop and a product specifically for hardwood floors to clean more deeply. Make sure to test the product on a small area of the floor first. When using the mop, only use enough of the cleaning product to make the mop damp, since using too much product will saturate the wood and can damage your flooring.
  • Read your floor’s care instruction manual for any precautions and suggestions.
  • If you have old hardwood floors that have seen better days, ask a professional about refinishing or even replacing them.

Use a hardwood-specific cleaner to ensure your hardwood floors are properly cared for — during spring and all year round.


Laminate can sparkle with just a little spring cleaning attention:

  • Sweep your floors.
  • Read the manufacturer warranty and care instructions that came with your laminate. Your manufacturer will likely have specific deep-cleaning suggestions.
  • Spot-treat any stains or tougher-to-clean areas with an approved cleaner.

With just a little work to clear away the dust bunnies, your laminate floors will look like new.

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As you do your spring cleaning, you may notice that no amount of tidying makes your flooring look its best. If that’s the case, schedule a free, in-home consultation with 50Floor today. A 50Floor professional can come to your home when it is convenient for you and even bring flooring samples so you can see for yourself how you can create a fresh new look in your space.

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