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Ask a dozen people about hardwood flooring, and you’ll hear a dozen opinions — and a few hardwood flooring myths as well. Over the years, hardwood’s popularity has never gone out of style. However, plenty of homeowners believe misconceptions about this favorite flooring type.

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Ready to receive some education based on hardwood fact, not fiction? Read on to learn more about hardwood floors:

1. You Need to Babysit a Hardwood Floor

Worried you’ll be hovering over your hardwood floors and worrying about their maintenance? You’ll be relieved to hear hardwood upkeep remains incredibly straightforward. All you have to do is sweep regularly and occasionally run the vacuum to pick up life’s inevitable dust bunnies. You may need to give your floor some TLC in the form of professional refinishing, but that’s only necessary if it becomes truly worn down and loses its natural shine.

2. You Will Pay a Lot for Hardwood Flooring

While hardwood floor planks and their installation cost more than other types of flooring, they can last for 75 years or more. This trait makes them a terrific investment, especially if you’re planning to live in your house for a long time or trying to increase its inherent value.

3. You Can Expect Tons of Scratches and Dents

Hardwood isn’t always hard. Some types of wood can be quite soft, making them easy to mark up or dent. Is this one of those myths about wood flooring that’s actually true? Not exactly. Harder types of hardwood, like white oak, resist marks made by everyday wear and tear. Therefore, when you speak with your flooring specialist, ask about the strength rating of your preferred hardwoods.

4. Hardwoods Look Alike

Any hardwood flooring enthusiast knows every genuine hardwood plank exhibits unique features, such as knots and graining. It’s impossible to get two hardwood planks that look alike, and you can thank Mother Nature for their discrepancies. Plus, different species of hardwoods tend to have different types of textures and grains. As you start discovering more about hardwood floors, you’ll become more acquainted with hardwood varieties.

5. Hardwood Isn’t for All Spaces

This is a semi-true hardwood flooring myth, although not for the reason you might suspect. Hardwoods should not be installed in rooms that aren’t climate controlled, such as sunrooms without a heating or cooling system. That doesn’t mean hardwood belongs away from kitchens or bathrooms, though. As long as you can control the ambient humidity and moisture levels in your living space, you can opt for hardwood floors.

6. Hardwood Comes in a Couple Shades

Hardwoods may look similar in shade or tone when they’re first milled and cut. They’re not, but you can still stain them to fit with your preferred interior design scheme. For instance, you might want a lighter-tone hardwood floor or prefer one with a richer, deeper hue. The market is full of high-quality stains to make your visions a reality.

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With your expanded knowledge about hardwoods, you may want to explore which ones will bring vitality and freshness to your home. Set up an appointment with 50Floor to start the process. One of our flooring specialists will come to you and help you make the right hardwood flooring selections.

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