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Flooring Ideas for an Industrial-Style Home

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Industrial homes need floors that honor the space’s urban aesthetic but also offer functionality, and in some cases, warmth. Industrial homes are often renovated from former manufacturing and commercial properties, which means they usually have concrete floors that are too hard and cold for a residential space. Fortunately, concrete is a good foundation for wood and other floor choices.

The Right Choices for Industrial Floor Design

Industrial wood flooring is often a fitting choice for 20th-century homes with a strong urban vibe. Wood offers more “give” than traditional hard-surface floors, yet it complements a style that often includes cinderblock, brick or stone walls. When choosing the right floors, look for:

  • Dark wood: Dark wood can look dramatic against the vintage appearance of New York-style lofts. Open-space homes with tall ceilings are also ideal spots for dark wood floors, since the deeper shade can ground the area and make it feel homier. This is especially true alongside larger windows and many pale walls and ceilings.
  • Distressed wood: Weathered, pale wood is perfect for vintage homes. These floors look like they were always part of the space, especially if much of the home has the paler appearance of many urban lofts. They also embody the more casual feel many urban spaces have and can work well with the “reclaimed” aesthetic while adding texture to your residence. Wide plank flooring with distressed wood can be especially effective, as it can align more with the larger, more open space.
  • Natural wood colors: Urban homes often have vintage features such as exposed pipes and exposed brick, and they tend to have open space. Natural wood can bring much-needed warmth. If your home has many pale and neutral colors, wood floors with warm undertones can create a welcoming and soft feel.
  • Vintage flooring: Vintage floor options, such as shag rugs and carpets, laminate and other choices are true to the classic look of industrial homes.

Get Industrial-Style Flooring From 50Floor

If you have an industrial residential space, 50Floor has many options to help you find the right look — from shag rugs to wide plank flooring — to soften it up. Our flooring solutions combine traditional good looks with the latest innovations to ensure you enjoy durable, high-quality floors to suit your lifestyle and the expression you want.

Urban lofts can be chic, but with the right flooring, they can also be warm, comfortable and timeless. 50Floor can help you find the perfect balance. Get in touch with us to schedule a consultation to discuss your home’s flooring needs right inside your house.

Our unique in-home consultations let you explore flooring samples in your residence, so you can see how different solutions will look in your unique lighting and with your exact décor. Our professionals can help you every step of the way, from choosing the right floor to ensuring it is installed correctly.

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