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The industrial style is an edgy take on your home’s historical and foundational elements. The concept was born out of the abandonment of city factories in the early 1900s. These factories sat empty until cities became overwhelmingly populated, and then architects decided to renovate them into apartment buildings.

Many foundational elements were left exposed to finish these apartment buildings in time, giving birth to the industrial style. If you like the simplicity yet modernity of the industrial style, 50Floor has a list of five ways you can bring it to your home.

1. Install Wood Floors or Stone Tile

Industrial designs typically incorporate neutral, cool-toned grey and brown colors. Luxury vinyl tile is a great way to bring in a calm and stormy color. In the industrial period, steel was a significant item of use. If you have exposed steel beams, water heaters, or concrete accents, the tile will highlight and bring those details together beautifully.

Hardwood floors are also a great option. Choosing a cool-toned brown helps create contrast with wall colors and brick, and even helps neutral furniture pieces pop.

2. Expose Brick Walls

Brick walls are a staple in industrial-styled homes. Historical houses were often made of brick, so it can be easy to expose it if you have an old home. If your home is newer, you still have resources available to you. With the use of brick or brick veneer, you can re-stone your fireplace, add a backsplash to your kitchen, or design a focal wall in one of your rooms.

3. Accent With Concrete

One great industrial home design detail is concrete. It’s cool-toned and versatile. Incorporate concrete knick-knacks and furniture into your room with no issue. It maintains the exposed simplicity of your room without making too large of a statement. What’s more, you can finish concrete off with beautiful glosses and polishes to give it a modern edge.

4. Choose Neutral, Industrial Colors

The industrial revolution was not a time for vibrant colors. However, modern times have given way to shades of colors we never knew we wanted. If you’re debating what colors to paint your walls, your best options are cool-toned and moody shades of blue, grey, brown, and white. These colors complement concrete, steel, and brick beautifully. They also give you a clean slate on which you can hang art and ironwork!

5. Add Industrial Lighting

Lighting in factories had one purpose: to give light. There was no aesthetic beauty. It was simple and effective, and the lightbulb was oftentimes left exposed. When you’re looking for industrial lighting, think metal and vintage. There is a range of styles, from antique to modern black steel. The decision is yours.

50Floor Offers Several Flooring Options for Your Home

Bring your industrial vision to life with the help of 50Floor. We offer a range of flooring, from luxury vinyl tile to wood floors and carpeting. When you partner with us, we help you choose the flooring that best suits your industrial-style home. We can even bring samples to your house so you can envision exactly what the flooring would look like.

To learn more, you can look at our flooring options and contact us today.

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