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Ways to Update Your Bathroom

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Your bathroom handles tons of traffic throughout the year. Is it any wonder that it can become dated, tired and worn long before other rooms in the house?

Bathrooms tend to need updates faster than other parts of the home, but you don’t have to spend a fortune or bump out walls to give the powder room or master bath a fresh look. In fact, transforming an unappealing bathroom design can happen on a modest budget. With just a few carefully considered changes, your bathroom could finally become a place where you want to linger.

Revitalize Your Bathroom Hardware, Appliances and Equipment

After cleaning your bathroom, put on your investigator hat and do a little legwork. Examine everything from the look of the vanity to the performance of the commode. Does everything seem to perform as needed? Or are your bathroom hardware pieces ready for retirement?

Thanks to big box retailers and online stores, you can order and self-install many items that will add energy efficiency and modern sensibility to your bathroom. Even adding a new mirror, better exhaust fan or contemporary fixtures can make a world of difference.

Repaint the Walls and Ceiling

A little paint goes a long way, particularly in bathrooms. Applying a coat of simple, eggshell-white paint to the ceiling and floor can brighten a bath in a palpable way.

Of course, you can choose any color paint you like or create visual interest by mixing and matching complementary shades to section off areas of a generously sized bathroom. Just be cautious of bright, colorful hues. Though they may seem fun in the moment, they become outdated quickly.

Update Your Floors

Your bathroom deserves a new attitude, and floors can help you explore your inner designer. Obviously, you will want to stay away from any textile-covered flooring because it traps moisture. Save the plushness for throw rugs and runners that dry quickly and can be laundered frequently.

What kind of flooring makes sense for bathrooms, then? A classic choice is luxury vinyl tile. Not only does this type of flooring perform brilliantly under humid conditions, but it exudes a traditional feel. Plus, LVT is easy to keep clean.

Vinyl flooring is another preferred bathroom choice. From luxury vinyl tiles to vinyl-based sheets, vinyl can be practically waterproof when installed properly. You may also be surprised at how affordable sophisticated-looking vinyl can be.

Finally, laminate floors and engineered hardwood flooring round out the top picks for bathroom remodels. Both offer incredible ease of cleaning, not to mention naturally handsome appeal. Regardless of your bathroom size, you may want to opt for darker shades to mask debris until you get around to your weekly cleaning!

Toss and Replace Your Worn-Out Towels

After doing all the basic legwork to freshen up your bathroom design, be sure to recycle all your old bath towels into rags. Nothing adds the finishing touch more perfectly than a set of never-before-used hand, body and hair towels. Have a bit of space and money left over? Consider investing in a towel warming rack for the ultimate in affordable luxury!

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