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Should Your Carpet Match Your Curtains?

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You love the color of your walls, so you purchase complementary curtains to frame your windows beautifully. But that floor? Well, it just seems to stick out like a sore thumb. The problem, of course, is that the carpet and drapes are at odds. And the result is a room that feels off-balance.

What you need is the ability to hit the reset button. Otherwise, your room is never going to have that wonderful, pulled-together ambiance.

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Why Does the Carpet Need to Match the Curtains and Drapes?

Although your drapes and carpet do not need to be the same color or pattern, they do need to play nicely together. After all, they both serve the same purpose, which is to add to your overall room theme.

For instance, if your curtains have a retro feel and your flooring is ultra-shiny modern, the space will exude off-balance vibes. Similarly, if your floors are warm and cozy, and your drapes are too streamlined and severe, you may have trouble bringing your vision to life.

Again, this does not mean that your carpet and drapes must match perfectly. Far from it. Drapes and carpets deserve their own personalities and need not be identical twins in color, pattern or texture. At the same time, they should be like best friends that always get along brilliantly.

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How to Coordinate Carpets and Curtains

So what is the the best route to ensure your carpets and curtains mesh? First, be sure that you love your carpet. If you feel like you need a refresh, call a 50Floor representative to schedule an appointment now. After all, you need to make sure you have the right type of carpeting in place before you can coordinate it with curtains.

Next, evaluate your wall and ceiling colors. Again, make any adjustments such as adding crown moulding, repainting or texturing the ceiling before moving on to your drapes.

Feel comfortable with your carpet and walls? Take a step back and carefully analyze several aspects of your room to help identify which types of drapes will likely work best:

  • Decoration theme: A country chic living room has a different feel than an urban sophisticated loft bedroom. Name and claim your design theme to help guide your curtain choice.
  • Color palette: Usually, rooms follow a certain color palette. For example, your den may boast all neutrals in various tints and shades. Or your master bedroom may echo shades of blue from deep to muted. Obviously, your curtains should complement those colors, as well as the cool, neutral or warm undertones of the space.
  • Furnishings: Do you already have furniture and decorations in place, including wall hangings? Make note of what they look like, as well as the designs and hues they include. Ideally, drapes should serve to accent your furnishings.

With these answers in hand, you can test-drive various curtain colors. If you will be buying your curtains from a store, take pictures of your room without any drapes. Make sure your camera shows true hues so you can use the images when making your final selections. You might even want to ask about the store’s return policy on window dressings.

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Above all else, have fun matching your short or long curtains to your carpets. Whether you choose dark curtains with light carpets or patterned drapes against deep neutral plush floor textiles, you have plenty of ways to bring your design dreams to fruition.

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