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DIY Decor Projects at Home

It’s satisfying to build something with your own hands, regardless of whether you could afford to buy it new. Do-it-yourself (DIY) crafts can be applied to everything from life hacks to home decor, all of which leave you with a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Home decor crafts will amaze and inspire your guests and serve as reminders of your artistic abilities. Don’t worry if you’re not a natural artist or craftsperson — these DIY craft decor ideas will let you give your home a quick, simple boost.

8 DIY Crafts for Home Decor

One of the best parts of DIY crafts is finding a use for junk. Instead of throwing it away and adding to the world’s garbage problem, you can rework old furniture and clothes into DIY home decor. Here are eight ways you can create your own home decor — likely using whatever you have around the house.

1. Framed Shelf

If you’re the type of person who loves to browse flea markets and antique shops for unique photo frames, we understand you completely. Chances are, you have more frames than photos, but those antique frames are just too good to keep in a closet collecting dust. So, why not use them to display something other than photos?

Simply attach some wood around the back edges of the frames and hang them up. The frame then doubles as a shelf, so you can display knick-knacks, small succulents or anything else you want  all while finally putting those gorgeous old frames to good use. You can even do this craft using cheap frames from the dollar store and jazzing them up with some paint.

2. Pillow Pocket

Nowadays, there’s no need to juggle multiple remote controls to access various electronics since many remotes are universal. However, if you’re still having trouble keeping the remote in a single place, try creating a small pocket for it on one of the cushions on your couch.

Cut out a pocket from an old pair of jeans and iron it on to a cushion with a layer of fusible fleece between the two for a quick, no-sew pillow pocket for your remote control. You can also simply hand sew the pocket on if you have the skills.

3. Antique-Style Table

Painting on the walls is something we don’t get to do much as we grow older, but this antique-style table is one of the home decor crafts for adults that lets you do just that. This craft works best if you have a floating shelf you want to jazz up.

Simply paint a stylish table on a wall and attach a floating shelf atop it, making it look like a quaint little table from afar and the coolest little floating shelf from up close.

4. Curtain Headboard

While we’re jazzing things up, why not give your bedroom a royal look with a curtained headboard. Attach a regular curtain rod behind your bed and hang your favorite curtains from them, giving your bedroom a cozier and elegant look.

You can also have the curtains flow in more artistic ways to make canopies, or if you have the tools and skills, wrap your headboard in a uniquely patterned curtain to give a boring old headboard a little character.

5. Cozy Nook

Many claim that adults are too old to have pillow forts, but there are crafts to decorate your home that could challenge that. Try creating a cozy nook in the corner of a room using a curtain rod and some curtains. The nook creates a small place for you to read or just get away from the stress of the day.

6. Custom (Book)Shelves

custom book shelves

If regular old bookshelves are too boring for you, consider using your books as shelves instead. Using metal wall brackets, simply cut a slit in the dust jacket of a book and slide it on to the brackets. Then, pile more books and knick-knacks on top to give an illusion of floating books. If you’re particular about the state of your books and would rather not cut into the dust jacket, you can place velcro inside the back flap and slide it on, so the bracket is between the pages and the back cover isn’t hanging loose.

You can also customize shelves by using unique brackets and pieces of wood to make quick custom shelves wherever you need some. These work great in the kitchen and bathroom to hold those often-used accessories.

7. Hand-Dyed Napkins

Sometimes, no matter how hard you search, you can’t find exactly what you want in stores. Many times, you’ll find that it’s much easier to just make those things yourself. Napkins  and even placemats  are one of those things, and all you need is some fabric, fabric paint and a clothes iron.

If you’re using fabric scraps, cut them out to napkin size  or placemat size  before wetting them. If you’re using store-bought napkins or placements, go right ahead and soak them in water. Wring out the excess and lay them flat, then begin painting from the bottom up. Add more water to make the colors lighter as you go up to create a cool ombre effect.

Once you’ve finished painting them, hang them to dry overnight before ironing them to help the color settle in. If hand-dyeing isn’t for you, you can also use stencils and fabric paint to create uniquely patterned napkins and placemats.

8. Chalkboard Anything and Everything

Chalkboard paint lets you get creative with your home decor. Use it to paint an entire wall — or a section of a wall — to have a fun way to leave reminders or to let your kids safely draw on the walls. There are endless ways to use chalkboard paint, and your imagination is the only limit.

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