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Luxury Vinyl Flooring Installation Process

Whether you’re renovating your entire home or refreshing a single room, a new floor can bring together your home’s aesthetic and change how you perceive your interior space. Luxury vinyl flooring is an excellent option for any room in your home. Keep reading to learn more about luxury vinyl flooring and how the installation process works.

Why Choose Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring is an excellent option for many homes. The first step in the installation process is finding the right type and style for your home and space. 50Floor’s flooring experts can help connect you with the perfect option, and knowing the benefits that come with luxury vinyl can speed up the process.

Some of the advantages of luxury vinyl flooring include:

  • Diverse styles: Luxury vinyl flooring can coordinate with various aesthetics and rooms for a more versatile option that can fit any space. You can select a type that mimics other flooring options, like wood and tile. Luxury vinyl flooring comes in plank, tile and sheet placement options to accommodate your desired outcome.
  • Durable: If you want a flooring option that can withstand many conditions and heavy traffic, luxury vinyl flooring is for you. This option is excellent for high-traffic areas or homes with pets and kids because it can withstand constant use and wear. As a long-lasting flooring solution, luxury vinyl will endure for around 25-30 years.
  • Waterproof: Luxury vinyl flooring is waterproof, increasing its durability and resilience. You can stress less about kids, pets and other guests spilling drinks or tracking wet feet on your floor, knowing the quality will remain. This feature also makes luxury vinyl great for bathrooms and basements.
Light brown LVT flooring

The Luxury Vinyl Installation Process

When you partner with 50Floor for your flooring selection and installation, we offer comprehensive installation services for optimized care and style. Installation occurs in several steps, including:

  1. Before arrival: On the day of your planned installation, our teams will call you 30 minute before arrival. You must be at your home when installers arrive, so this call can help you and your family better plan your day.
  2. Arrival: Once the team arrives, they’ll ask you to confirm your flooring type and style to ensure they have the right materials for the best results. You’ll also confirm which room you want it in and any other features. This point is also when you’ll make the installation payment.
  3. Preparation: The team will give you a time estimate for installation for increased flexibility during the process and because you need to be present at the end. To prepare the space, the installation experts will clear the space of large furniture, like beds, couches and tables. They’ll measure your rooms to ensure they have all the correct information before starting.
  4. Installation: During installation, the team will remove your old flooring, inspect the sub-floor quality and add any padding. Then, they’re free to start laying your luxury vinyl flooring.
  5. Post-installation: When the installation team finishes installing your new luxury vinyl flooring, they’ll handle some cleaning and post-installation processes. They’ll return any removed furniture to the room and arrange it as closely as possible to the original arrangement. Before leaving, you’ll receive a maintenance and cleaning packet to best care for your flooring. Lastly, you’ll fill out a completion form.

50Floor makes installing luxury vinyl flooring straightforward and efficient, minimizing risks and damages from self-installing. When you want quality results, 50Floor can support your needs with their installation services.

LVT floor in bedroom

How Should You Prepare for Luxury Vinyl Flooring Installation?

While 50Floor installation teams help prepare your home’s areas before starting, homeowners can also increase preparation efforts for more efficient processes and better results. Some ways you can help your installation team do the best job possible include:

  • Clearing spaces: Before the installers arrive, you should thoroughly clear your rooms and passageways to reduce damage. This process includes removing smaller items, like knickknacks, books or plates. Take down items on your walls to prevent anything from falling during installation or moving furniture.
  • Choosing a storage option: Consider where you’ll store your larger furniture during the installation process. You might clear another room or keep items outdoors, weather permitting. If you lack space, you might want to rent a storage locker for a day or two to keep your items secure.
  • Measuring doorways: Another way you can assist with furniture movement is by measuring your doors and passageways before the installers’ arrival. When you have the exit route mapped, the installation team can get started sooner and ensure they preserve the quality of other areas of your home.
  • Expecting noise: Installing luxury vinyl flooring correctly requires several tools and communication between team members. You can prepare for installation by expecting noise from your team. Planning something to do or choosing the quietest room in your house to hang out in can help you escape the noise until they finish.
Room with vinyl floors, blue chair and tv on stand

What Factors Affect Luxury Vinyl Flooring Installation?

As you plan for your luxury vinyl floor installation, some factors might impact how long it’ll take. Understanding what aspects of your home or flooring can increase time estimates can better prepare you for installation.

Space Size

Your room’s dimensions will determine how much time it’ll take to install your new luxury vinyl flooring. Larger rooms will require more work, so they’ll take longer. Further, rooms with unusual shapes might need installment teams to cut flooring materials in more unique ways than common configurations. Because the team will survey your space before starting, they can calculate this factor into their time estimate.

LVT Flooring in Home

Existing Floors

Your current flooring can also impact installation processes. Each kind of flooring has a different removal process and difficulty level. Hardwood and tile take longer to remove than carpet, increasing the time your installation teams will need before starting your luxury vinyl. Like your room’s size, your existing floor type is another factor installation experts will consider before giving you a time estimate.

LVT floor in master bedroom

Subfloor Conditions

After removing the existing floors, 50Floor installers will evaluate the subfloor conditions and determine if they can proceed. A quality subfloor can support your luxury vinyl by being clean and level. Cracks, elevated portions, discoloration and mold can halt installation and require repairs or additional services. You can fix some issues immediately, like sanding down higher portions of unlevel floors.

LVP flooring in kitchen and living room
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