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Wool vs. Nylon Carpet: Which Should You Choose?

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Nylon carpet consists of synthetic material, while wool carpet contains a treated natural material from sheep. Both have their advantages, and before you choose one for your home, you’ll want to consider your lifestyle and needs. By examining samples of each, you can determine which one is right for you and your abode.

Wool vs. Nylon Carpet: Which One Is Best?

Some homeowners want a wool carpet because they desire a long-lasting floor or like the idea of having a natural material in their home. Others like the choices synthetic carpet offers. Both options have benefits and drawbacks, but when you’re trying to decide, you may want to consider:

  • Pets and children: If you have pets and children, a nylon carpet is the better choice. Nylon carpets resist stains more readily, and you can find synthetic carpets specially designed to resist stains. Wool, on the other hand, has natural oils that protect it, but stains will set.
  • Longevity: If you don’t have children or pets and want a carpet that will last a long time without drooping or getting matted, you may consider wool. Wool fibers are shaped like spirals, so they have a natural springiness that can keep your carpeting looking great for longer, even with heavier traffic.
  • Your cleaning preferences: Wool naturally resists dirt, but it can also attract moth and carpet beetle larvae, so you’ll need to check for any signs of this and spot-treat for any stains immediately. Nylon is easy to clean and can withstand more detergents and cleaners than wool.
  • Your home’s humidity: If your home is dry and you have static electricity because of it, nylon carpets can hold this static and may need special treatment to prevent this. Wool carpets can absorb some air moisture without getting damp. While this can be comfortable, it means you need to watch for any mildew growth.
  • Your environmental concerns: Natural wool carpets without chemical treatment are a greener option, which can mean fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in your home.
  • Cost: Wool can cost as much as twice the price of nylon carpets. If budget is a factor, quality synthetic carpets are an excellent choice.

50Floor Can Help You Decide Between Nylon vs. Wool

Sometimes, seeing is believing. If you’re having trouble deciding which carpet is right for you, you can schedule a consultation in your home. Our flooring professionals will learn about your lifestyle and needs and help you make the right selection. We can answer your questions and show you samples of different carpets so you can experience the difference for yourself before you choose.

Best of all, 50Floor is there for you every step of the way. We help you decide, place your order and make sure your carpet is correctly installed. Our goal is to get you excited about your floors.

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