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Why You Should Always Make Design Decisions at Home

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We live with our design decisions for many years. Floors alone can last decades, so you want the perfect choice for your home. Seeing products in the design space can ensure a quality end result.

Why Seeing Products in the Design Space Is So Important

You’ll want to make your design decisions in your home for several reasons:

There Are Lighting Differences

Lighting in your home is different than lighting in a store. Most stores have overhead fluorescent lighting that changes the way objects look. Browsing at home lets you see colors and patterns in your lighting. 50Floor comes to your home with flooring samples so you can compare them better.

You’ll Want Time

Having samples at home lets you evaluate their appearance throughout the day. You can live with a color or texture for a few days before making a final decision. Take the time you need to make your choice.

It’s Easier to Match Shades

If you want to coordinate with trim and wall shades, it is best to have color, flooring or fabric samples in your home. Then, you can compare your colors with the samples and make a decision. You can feel confident that a specific flooring choice complements your walls.

Memories Are Not Precise

You may think you remember how wide your current flooring planks are or how large the room is. Even with careful measurements, having samples in your space is the best way to visualize.

You Can Try Before You Buy

Flooring and other design items may be in a box or behind plastic in a store. You get to closely examine the grain, details, color, finish and texture when you have a sample. You can imagine more fully how the item will work in your rooms.

Start Making Flooring Decisions at Home

50Floor understands how important it is to make design decisions at home. It’s why our professional and courteous representatives come to your home for consultations. With us, you can see flooring in your space rather than under a store’s harsh lights, and you can examine exactly how flooring will look in your rooms. Schedule a free appointment with 50Floor today!

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