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Where to Find Home Design Inspiration

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Where to Find Home Design Inspiration

If you’re an artist of any kind, whether it be a writer, director, painter, etc., you know how hard it can be to find inspiration for your work. Finding inspiration for any kind of design project can prove to be frustrating, in fact.

Have you been considering redecorating your house? Or redecorating a specific room or area? Or maybe you’re creating a craft room for yourself or a playroom for your kids. Whatever the project is, you may have felt that frustration because you weren’t able to find the inspiration to design something new.

If you’re in this situation, you’re in the right place! We can help you look for inspiration to create the perfectly decorated home you’re hoping for.

So Where Do I Look for Inspiration?

Search no more! We can point you in the different directions to finding the inspiration you’re looking for.

Where to look for design inspiration

  1. Travel. Traveling can help you clear your mind, but it can also show you how other people and places decorate. It can open your mind to new ideas that you wouldn’t have previously thought of.
  2. Take walks/breaks. Like traveling, taking a break and taking a walk can help clear your mind. This may seem silly, but if you’re able to get some fresh air and clear all of your jumbled thoughts from your brain, it can allow new ideas to flow through.
  3. Consider estate sales or antique stores. You can almost always find cute, unique items at these types of places, and you can get them for a bargain price. If you find a few cute pieces or even an antique piece of furniture, it could give you a starting point for your design. It can be easier to match everything to a single item than to gather a bunch of items and try to make them match each other.
  4. Gather opinions from others. Talk to your friends and family. Do they have any interesting ideas? Bouncing your thoughts off others is always a great way to come up with ideas and get your mind going.
  5. Internet searches. A quick internet search can go a long way. You can google different themes, colors or styles and see what the internet has to offer.
  6. Magazines. Though magazines aren’t as popular as they used to be, there are some magazines that specifically display homes. This could be a great place to find magazine-worthy decorations/designs for your home.
  7. Catalogs. A catalog will usually display its items in a home setting. Like a magazine, this could give you some great inspiration. You might also find a few new items you want to use.
  8. Hotels. No, not like the hotels where every hallway and room look the same. There are some hotels that are more “homey” and are uniquely decorated. Think about how the lobby and hallways are decorated. What about the rooms? This could also be a great place to get some inspiration.
  9. Stores. A lot of furniture stores will have “rooms” set up using their furniture for sale. For example, the couches will be arranged with matching recliners and rugs. Kitchen tables will be displayed under different light fixtures. Mattresses will be present on bed frames, which will be displayed with the matching bedroom furniture set and rugs. Decorative lamps will be displayed all around. The same thing goes for online shops. This can help you coordinate furniture with different color and décor options.
  10. Books and art. Some people are more drawn to certain colors and designs. Looking at different forms of art can help you pinpoint what those are.
  11. Your wardrobe and accessories. We know this one sounds very out of place, but again, you’re more drawn to certain designs. Looking at your wardrobe may bring to light that you are more drawn to stripes or florals. This can give you a starting point of what to look for. Additionally, you could see all the different colors together and find a color scheme that interests you.
  12. Nature. Exploring the extraordinary elements outside could give you some inspiration. While it can be relaxing like taking a walk, it can also bring out your flower or plant loving self. Maybe you want your décor to be more nature-based.
  13. Trends. There are always popular trends going around. Look into the ones in style right now. Do any of them interest you? Maybe the current trends don’t interest you, but they could help you discover something else that does capture your attention.
  14. Music. Music and art go pretty much hand in hand. There is a rhythm to both. Maybe listening to some music can help you establish a rhythm for your home.
  15. Explore outside your normal boundaries. Consider taking a risk and look into things you wouldn’t normally like. Just because you don’t like something to be present in your clothing design choices or in someone else’s home, doesn’t mean you wouldn’t like it in your home. Step outside of your comfort zone and explore new options.
  16. Design blogs. There are blogs out there for everything! A quick search can help you find so many of them. Check out what other people are doing and see if they offer any tips on what worked for them.
  17. Design websites. Just because a company or website specializes in flooring doesn’t mean they can’t help you. Not only are there pictures displaying their flooring in homes (which include some furniture and décor!), but finding a flooring that you love could help you narrow down on a design idea.
  18. Pinterest. There are thousands and thousands of design ideas on Pinterest. You can search for design ideas, color schemes, décor ideas or even just clothing and food options. Searching through the talented designers on Pinterest (even if it is through the food or clothing ideas) can give you an idea of what you like and what to do with your home.

There are a million ways to locate your design preferences and find that inspiration. Channel your inner feelings, designs and artistic self. Once you’ve done this, the home design inspiration will flow out of you and present itself in your home.

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