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Best Flooring Color for Dark Cabinets

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Dark cabinets look rich and elegant, and they can be further enhanced with the right flooring choices. When choosing flooring to match dark cabinets, consider contrasting colors. A paler floor color for dark cabinets can create a wider, more open space and make your kitchen look lighter. While you may be tempted to choose a matching dark color for your floor, it can create a smaller feeling and give the illusion of an enclosed space. It pays to lighten things up.

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What Color Floor Goes With Dark Cabinets?

When selecting the best floor color for dark cabinets, consider:

  • Oak: Oak is a traditional wood flooring option that looks sophisticated and timeless. Oak can include very pale finishes and works well with most aesthetics, from modern to classic. It also pairs well with most types of cabinets and is very sturdy.
  • Maple: Maple is another classic wood flooring choice that includes some pale finishes. Maple often has a warm undertone, which can soften a space with dark cabinets.
  • Light vinyl or tile: Another option is to choose laminate, luxury vinyl or tile in pale colors. These materials give you a wider color palette compared to wooden floors. You can choose pale grey, blue, pink, white or any pale color you choose. You can even select a pattern to create some visual interest under your feet without overpowering your dark cabinetry.
  • Weathered wood floors: A great choice for dark cabinets is the current trend of pale, weathered-looking wood floors. Some of these are wide plank floors, which are dramatic enough to stand up to eye-catching dark cabinets. They come in a range of colors, from pale wood to grey and even white. You can select a hue that looks great with darker cabinets while still allowing the natural wood grain to shine through.
  • Dark floors: While the general rule of thumb is to contrast dark cabinets with lighter wood floors, there are some times when you might want to break with tradition. If you have a very large and open kitchen, you may have enough room to pair dark floors and cabinets. Similarly, if you want to create a cozy and small space, matching cabinets and wood floors can make sense.

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50Floor Can Help You Find the Best Flooring Color for Your Dark Cabinets

Ultimately, every kitchen and home is different. The best way to find the right flooring is to consider your cabinets, space and style individually and seek professional advice for choosing the ideal flooring for your aesthetic and lifestyle. 50Floor has years of experience helping homeowners choose stunning, stylish floors designed for their unique space.

With an in-person consultation, we can bring flooring samples for you to consider so you can see exactly how a floor will look with your décor, cabinetry and lighting. You can hold the samples in your hands and see how they might feel—a great benefit over merely looking at samples online. Contact 50Floor to schedule a consultation and take advantage of this unique way of exploring flooring, all without leaving your home.

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