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Carpet can last a long time, especially if you care for it well. On average, the typical lifespan of carpet can range between 5 to 15 years depending on the quality and the foot traffic the flooring receives. However, it eventually does reach a point where the wear and tear is just too great, and you need to replace your carpet and install new floors. If any of the following five signs are present in your home, schedule a free in-home consultation with 50Floor today to talk about installing new carpet.

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1. Your Carpet Has Stains You Can’t Get Rid Of

If you’ve tried spot treatment, special products and professional carpet cleaning and still have stains, they may be permanent. Sometimes, this occurs because the stain has gotten underneath the top surface of the carpet or has set. Stained carpet can make your room look dingy, and you don’t want to have to move furniture around to hide spots. If you have a stained carpet, it may be time to replace the carpet.

2. Your Carpet Has an Odor

If your carpet has a strong smell and cleaning it does not help or even makes it worse, your carpet may have adsorbed smells from pets, smoking and cooking over the years to the point that no freshener will help. When bad smells are a problem, they can affect your enjoyment of your home, so you will certainly want to replace your carpet for a fresh new room.

3. You Want to Sell Your Home

Fresh carpet looks far more appealing to home buyers and can help you sell your home. You want to create the best first impression possible for any new buyers, and a brand-new carpet is one way to do that.

4. Your Carpets Are Damaged or Matted

Matting happens when the carpet fibers wear down and won’t stand up again, even after vacuuming or cleaning, creating worn-looking flat spots. This is most likely to happen in high-traffic areas. If you notice any matting, tears or bald spots, you should replace your carpet.

5. You Can’t Stand Your Carpet

You’ll know when to replace a carpet when you just can’t stand it anymore. If there’s a room you’re avoiding using because the carpet is old, musty, unattractive or no longer matches your style, it’s time for a flooring update. If you don’t like your carpets, new floors can help give your space new life.

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6. Your Carpet Padding Is Worn Out

The padding under your carpet makes the carpet comfortable to walk on, helps reduce noise and offers some insulation. You should replace carpet padding when it wears out due to foot traffic. Look for signs such as unevenness, wrinkles on the surface of the carpet or an unusual crinkling as you walk. These can all indicate wear and tear on your padding.

7. You Have Allergy Symptoms

You should replace your carpet often enough to help keep your indoor air quality clean. In reality, all materials in your home can impact indoor air quality — your carpet is no different. If you’re suddenly noticing more allergy symptoms and your carpet is old, replacing it and even choosing a hypoallergenic option could make a difference.

8. You Have Water Damage

If you have water damage, you should replace your carpet immediately. Any water damage caused by flooding, burst pipes and other issues can create water stains that are hard to get rid of. Water damage can also cause mold under the carpet, which is dangerous for your health.

If you notice any dark stains or a musty smell, check for signs of mold or water damage. You can also purchase a mold testing kit to determine whether mold is present.

9. You Notice Carpet Wear and Tear

Deciding how often to replace carpet usually comes down to a matter of age. Carpet can last five to 15 years, but spills, poor maintenance, pets and lots of traffic can shorten that life span. If you’re wondering when to replace your carpet, look for signs of wear and tear, such as thinning, fraying and flattening. These can all indicate your carpet is getting old.

Even if you take excellent care of your carpet, it may look dingy and tired, no matter how you clean it. At that point, it’s time for new carpet.

10. You’re Spending More on Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance

It may be time for new carpet if you’re:

  • Spending a lot of time and effort repairing holes, fraying and other issues.
  • Spending significant money and work trying to clean your carpet.
  • Having trouble keeping your carpet smelling its best.

A need for excessive maintenance is a sure overall sign your carpet is simply past its prime.

11. You’re Moving to a New Home

Unless the seller had new carpet installed or you’re moving to a newly constructed property, you may be inheriting someone else’s carpets. It’s difficult to know how old the carpet is, how well it was maintained or what the padding is like.

If the previous homeowner had dogs or was a heavy smoker, there may still be odors left in the carpet, even after a deep cleaning. There may also be moisture in the padding or dust and debris that affect air quality. New carpet gives you a fresh start and lets you make your property your home.

When Should You Replace Carpet?

You may need to replace your carpeting within a few years or after many years. It depends on several factors, including traffic, the quality of the carpet and how well you care for your floor. If you’re wondering how often to replace carpets, you may be considering new floors. Before you make any decisions about replacing carpet, contact 50Floor and schedule a free in-home consultation. The 50Floor team will bring flooring or carpet samples, so you can see for yourself what a home makeover might look like.

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50Floor focuses only on floors and offers a variety of flooring options for your carpet replacement. With our warranties, extensive experience, no-surprise quotes and exceptional customer service, we ensure you get an affordable and attractive floor that meets your needs. Contact 50Floor today to schedule your in-home consultation.

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