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Top Questions to Ask When Buying Hardwood Flooring

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When you speak with 50Floor in an in-home consultation, you will have the chance to ask questions and get answers from professionals who have worked with flooring for some time. This is the perfect time to get advice and pose queries to ensure you get the right floor for your needs. Here are five questions to ask when buying hardwood flooring.

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1. What Kind of Foot Traffic and Special Requirements Do I Have?

You have many hardwood flooring choices, and you want to consider functionality as well as style. Maybe you like the look of pine and the lower price tag. If you have pets or children or want to place your wood floors in high-traffic areas, harder woods like oak will stand up better. If eco-friendly options are important to you, you may want to make sure you’re choosing hardwood flooring that is sustainable. You may even opt for bamboo, which is a grass rather than a wood.

2. What Is My Budget?

Real wood floors are an investment that can last for decades, so you will want to consider costs carefully. If you are on a budget, contact 50Floor and schedule a free in-home consultation. 50Floor has a price-match guarantee, and since we take care of installation, too, we can help you keep your flooring budget on track. 50Floor also works directly with floor manufacturers to get you the best prices possible, so you can enjoy quality without the high price tag.

3. What Width Planks Are Best?

Wide planks can look old-fashioned or rustic. You may want thinner planks if you want to create a herringbone or other pattern. Consider looking at several widths and working with a professional at 50Floor to create a plan for designing a floor you’ll love.

4. What Finishes Should I Choose?

Different finishes will look different, but they will not affect the durability of your wood floor. Semi-gloss finishes reflect some light and are somewhat shiny, while matte or satin finishes offer the least amount of shine. Gloss will result in a bold shine.

5. How Can I Choose a Wood for My Floor?

You can choose from many species of wood, both imported and domestic, for your floors. When selecting a wood, consider the look. Maple and ash will give you a paler color, while woods such as oak and hickory will give your room a warm feel. Dark woods such as walnut can give your room an elegant polish. Pine boards will create a more rustic ambiance.

When considering woods, you may wish to ask about sustainability, if that is a concern for you. Older-growth trees such as mahogany and oak are generally less sustainable — unless you’re using recycled wood. Another consideration is durability. Oak and hard woods like it will be more durable and resistant to scratching when compared with softer woods, such as pine.

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact 50Floor and schedule a free in-home consultation. It costs you nothing to have a 50Floor team member come to your home with flooring samples to answer your questions and address your needs. If you’re interested in new floors, this is the most efficient way to find a floor solution that’s right for your home. Schedule your free in-home consultation today!

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