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Have you ever wondered why carpet stains reappear — even after steam cleaning? Maybe you’ve tried other methods, but that one spot in your carpet keeps coming back. You know the one — that patch, splotch or discoloration that’s a little bit different from the rest of the floor. 

So what do you do with carpet stains that just won’t disappear? With more than four decades of combined experience, the experts at 50Floor have identified three main reasons for reappearing carpet stains — and the best ways to treat them. 

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3 Reasons for Reappearing Carpet Stains  

Common reasons for reappearing carpet stains include:

1. Your Pet Has Chosen a Specific Elimination Area

Your pet may choose the same spot on the carpet to urinate over and over again. Therefore, no matter how many times you clean the stain, a slight discoloration will continue to appear on your carpet. 

2. The Wickback Effect

Sometimes, liquids will soak through the fibers of your carpet, through the jute backing and into the padding beneath. Because of the carpet’s absorbency, the stain you see may be several times larger deeper down within the padding. 

After you clean the spot, the carpet may wick up the remaining liquid from the saturated padding into any dry areas, causing the stain to reappear on the surface. 

3. Residue From Over-the-Counter Products 

Most generic spot cleaners work pretty well — at first. Many carpet cleaning products available at your local grocery store contain soap, which is notorious for leaving behind residue. The sticky remnants soap-based products leave behind collect more dirt over time, hence your reappearing carpet stains. 

Tips for Removing Stains: Cleaning Solutions 

The first thing you should do to prevent reoccurring carpet stains is stop using generic cleaning products. The type of cleaner needed may vary based on the spot on your carpet. Possible solutions include:

  • For coffee or wine: A cleaning solution that’s one part cold water and one part sugar-free club soda
  • For muddy footprints: A cleaning solution that’s one part cold water and one part white vinegar
  • For blood: A mixture of cold water and sugar-free club soda 
  • For pet stains: A one-part vinegar to three-part water solution 

When clearning your flooring, be sure to check your warranty to ensure you are using proper cleaning solutions for your flooring.

Tips for Removing Stains: Preventing Soiling and Wicking

Stopping soiling and wicking in their tracks are two ways to eliminate reoccurring carpet stains. Try the following tips and tricks to kick any reoccurring spots once and for all: 

How to Prevent Carpets From Soiling

After applying carpet cleaner to the stain, try adding some warm water to the area to wipe the surface clean.

Next, make sure the spot dries completely — if you don’t, the carpet may absorb the water, which will then lead to wicking. 

How to Prevent Carpets From Wicking 

After applying a cleaning solution to the carpet, clean off any stain remover residue using warm water and blotting.

Take a towel and place it over the stain. Then, find a heavy object to apply pressure to the towel, as the extra weight will reach the deeper fibers. To ensure proper absorption of the stain, leave this setup in place for 24 hours.

Schedule an Appointment to Replace Your Stained Flooring 

Whether you’re dealing with new stains or old spots that keep coming back after cleaning, know the professionals at 50Floor are here to help. If the issue continues to occur, it may be time for more drastic measures, such as pulling back your carpet to allow the subfloor or padding to dry out. 

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After you’re confident everything is dry — including the subfloor — you may want to have a professional reinstall your carpet. If a replacement is warranted, a flooring team will ensure a proper re-stretch of the rug. You can treat stains as you typically would after the installation is complete. 

At 50Floor, we make the task of replacing your carpet a fun and easy one. Our experts will bring floor samples right to your doorstep and help you choose the material that works best with your home’s design and natural lighting. Schedule an appointment with 50Floor today and banish those stains for good!   

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