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Best Flooring for a Minimalist Design

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A minimalist home can instill peace in residents and visitors alike. Minimalism is an aesthetic that creates open and uncluttered spaces, usually with neutral colors and understated design elements. In many cases, minimalism complements eco-conscious spending and other sustainable life choices.

Minimalist Flooring Ideas

Minimalism has many benefits. You can save money by only making necessary purchases. You can feel satisfied by only choosing items that you adore. Minimalism can also reduce your carbon footprint and open up space in your home.

Depending on your needs, there are a few flooring options that can work especially well for a minimalist look:

  • Wood floors: Engineered hardwood floors warm up a minimalist space and create a beautiful backdrop for furniture and decorations. Engineered hardwood is durable and easy to clean and maintain. Look for narrow planks for a subdued look. Pale colors such as birch or white oak can work with this style, or you may choose to paint your floors white or grey.
  • Luxury vinyl: Vinyl comes in a range of colors and styles, and it can last for years. If you like the look of a concrete floor for an urban minimalist look but want something softer or more budget-friendly, vinyl is an excellent substitute. Choose from imitation wood, tile, slate, stone and marble to achieve your design.
  • Luxury vinyl tiles: Luxury vinyl tiles in a single, neutral color are ideal for a minimalist bathroom or kitchen. White tiles are popular, though any solid color would look right at home in a minimalist space.
  • Carpet: Carpet can be a great choice for a minimalist bedroom or living room. It creates a soft, inviting space and enhances overall comfort. Look for a neutral-colored, low-pile carpet with no design. A Berber carpet can look flattering with minimalist décor.

Every minimalist home begins with a great floor. Your floor stands out underneath your furniture and decorative pieces. Fortunately, 50Floor has many flooring options to help transform any minimalist bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or living room.

Choose Your Minimalist Flooring

If you prefer minimalist styles, 50Floor can help you find flooring for every room in your house. In an in-home consultation, we provide flooring samples for you to browse and compare. To get started, schedule a free appointment with us, and find the best floor option for your minimalist home.

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