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What Floor Colors Go With White Walls?

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White walls are classics for a reason. They are always in style and can make any space look modern, clean and large. If you love the look of a white room, choosing the right floor color is important to ensure you create the ideal overall feel.

When considering what color to select for your floors, think about:

  • Your style: Do you like a bold style or a simple, classic appearance? Do you like to make a statement? Is the room filled with large pieces that draw the eye?
  • The size of the space: Consider whether you need to make the space look larger with paler flooring or ground high ceilings with darker floors.
  • Your preferences: Above all, your floor should please you. If there’s a specific color you love or a certain type of floor you’ve always admired, the 50 Floor team can show you how to combine it with your white walls for the perfect look.
  • The white walls and their undertones: Not every white wall is the same. If you have large white walls in a cooler color, dark floors may complement them. If you have a smaller space and warmer white walls, paler flooring may create a stunning, cozy look.

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The Best Floor Color for White Walls

With white walls, you have a blank canvas that can look great with many different color combinations:

  • White floor, white walls: Going all white can create a fresh and clean modern look. You can choose engineered wood floors in white or luxury vinyl plank to offer some texture and visual interest. Choosing white floors can create the feeling of a larger, more open space and make special pieces of furniture or rugs pop.
  • Black floors, white walls: If you have a larger room, black floors can look dramatic and sophisticated. Black wide plank floors or luxury vinyl can add a great style. This look may be best if you have tall ceilings and larger windows, since the black floor can make the space feel smaller.
  • Dark floors, white walls: Dark wood floors, such as a walnut finish, can look sophisticated and less severe than black floors. Dark floors are classic and are especially effective if you have dark wooden beams on a white ceiling, as well as some dark wood trim. This palette keeps interest moving around the room and ties the space together.
  • Wood floor, white walls: Wood floors are traditional and so are white walls, so it’s no surprise they go well together. White walls can have cool tones, and wood’s warm tones can create a softer and cozier feel. Look for oak and maple if you want a classic look that will be ideal with most décor.
  • Distressed floors, white walls: Distressed wood floors are cooler in tone and paler than most wood floors, making them a soft and complementary addition to any space with white walls. You can create a welcoming beach-house look with this combination.

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Try Different Floor Colors for Your White Walls

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