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Best Flooring for Glam Style Homes

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Glam interior design has risen as one of the trendiest home improvement movements in recent years. Known for being a mixture of sophistication and classic Hollywood charm, glam style turns heads time and again. It’s hardly just for screen stars. You can get this elegant look by choosing the right glam flooring options.

Floors to Bring out Your Glam Home Design

Before deciding on any floors, remember that glam style isn’t one-size-fits-all. Some homeowners lean more toward a modern glam style, punctuated by contemporary, clean lines and lots of shine and sparkle. Others prefer a rustic glam style, categorized by laid-back chic mingled with romantic and high-end natural elements.

No matter what specific glam style appeals to you, consider one or more of the following flooring materials and solutions.


When you think of the 1930s and 1940s star and starlet mansions, you can’t help but picture lots of tiled floors! From entryways to ballrooms, mansions of the period made excellent use of a variety of tiles.

You can do likewise by laying tiles that present a retro feel. Don’t feel constrained to stick to one pattern or tile shape. You can use tile floors to create artistic, eclectic patterns that echo the other decor and furnishings of your room.

Laminate and Vinyl

What’s the best-kept secret among people who successfully update their homes in a glam style? They turn to laminate and vinyl flooring selections.

Though you might not immediately consider looking into laminate or vinyl, you should. Today’s materials can mimic the look of pricier types of floors, such as marble. You’ll get the glam appeal without going overboard with your budget.

Carpeting and Area Rugs

A glam room doesn’t have to shimmer to exude an upscale quality. The right carpet can fit in with a glam motif. The key is to pick a carpet or even an area rug that gives you a lush look.

Pass up on the tight-looped textile floors if you’re going for a glam home design. Instead, look around for carpets with long, fluffy fibers. You may also want to consider a carpet in a rich or intense color to add pizzazz.


Do hardwood floors belong in an article about glam style home design? You bet. Hollywood’s most beautiful homes weren’t just decked out with porcelain tiles and plush carpets. Many overflowed with floors constructed from native and exotic tree species.

You can easily source a glam solid hardwood or engineered hardwood floor. Just schedule an appointment to see the wide variety of hardwood collections available and to see how they look in your space!

Revitalize Your Palace in a Glam Interior Style

Even if you’re not destined to be on the big screen, you can still enjoy a glamorous home. Whether you want to glam up a room or your entire house, 50Floor can help.

Schedule an appointment today to get in touch. We’ll bring stylish floors right to your door so you can take advantage of the glam trend.

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