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How to Choose Tile Flooring Color

One of the greatest benefits of choosing tile flooring for your living spaces is the ability to select from a wide range of colors. Tile floors are incredibly versatile and can fit any aesthetic you want to incorporate into your kitchen, bathroom and other areas in your house.

Look at the following tile inspirations and guidelines to learn how to choose the right floor tile color. 

Factors That Affect What Color to Choose

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You can never go wrong with a stylish tile floor layout in the room of your choice. You can also add beautiful color accents to make the space stand out. However, some factors inside your home can affect how these colors coordinate with existing interior designs and aesthetics.

See how these features in your home can influence your choice of floor tile colors.

Tile Flooring

1. Room Size

One of the most important factors to consider before choosing a color for your tiles is the size of the room you plan to install your flooring. Colors play a significant role in making spaces appear larger or smaller than they truly are.

If you plan to install tile flooring in a small room, such as a bathroom, entryway or hallway, choose a lighter hue for your tiles. Whites, pastels and faded neutral colors naturally draw your focus to the open areas on the floor. They help highlight furniture, appliances and wall colors. These small rooms can feel much larger than they are with the help of lighter colors in your living spaces.

If you want to install tile flooring in a bigger room, including kitchens, living rooms and office spaces, go for darker shades of tile. Dark gray, black and brown can make an open area feel cozier and inviting. These shades act as a blank canvas for your furniture, decorations and other unique accents to stand out so you can make your space pop.

bathroom with white tile floors

2. Type of Room

Similar to choosing colors that fit the size of different rooms, you can also select hues highlighting the type of room you plan to install tiles.

You can place darker-colored tiles in spaces of your home that get the most foot traffic. Black, gray, dark brown, navy blue and terracotta are great for hiding scuffs and scratches that can appear due to pet paws or wearing shoes indoors. This idea is great for kitchens, rooms connected to entrances and living rooms.

If you want to add a bit of glamour to the entertainment spaces in your home, vibrant and bold hues can make a room stand out with only a hint of color. Add rich elegance to dining rooms, sunrooms and other large gathering areas with dark green, gold, bright red, purple and bold yellow.

kitchen with tile flooring

3. Lighting

As a general rule of thumb, the color tone of your floors should match the lighting. You will typically notice a white or yellow light that illuminates the space. White lights accentuate cool tones, while yellow highlights warmer tones.

When choosing your floor tile colors, you can match cool hues such as gray, blue, green and dark brown to rooms with white light and warm hues including red, light brown, orange and yellow to yellow light.

Beige, black and white work with either type of lighting.

bathroom with grey tile flooring and walls

4. Wall Color

One of the easiest ways to choose the color of your floor tiles is to take a look at the existing tones of your walls. Similar to the lighting rule, you can choose a warm or cool tone for your floor that matches the hue in the walls.

You can also make one more vibrant than the other. If your wall has a distinguishable color such as blue, green, red, yellow or any different rainbow color, you can complement the style by adding a white, black, brown or gray floor to make the surrounding walls stand out. You can do the same if your walls are neutral and add a splash of vibrant color to the tile flooring.

kitchen with tile floors and white cabinets

5. Furniture and Decor

Most furniture pieces and decorations in your living space match a particular color scheme to tie the room together. You can do the same by matching the accents of these objects to your floor tile colors. Furniture and decorations with hints of gold pair well with deep, vibrant hues and warm tones, while hints of silver accents coordinate perfectly with rich, bold cold tones.

Cottage Style Home

6. House Style

Luckily, tile appearances have changed drastically and can fit almost any style of home you have. Ceramic and porcelain tiles resemble several different materials, including wood, stone and slate. Each material comes in numerous colors so you can create endless combinations of hues, patterns and material appearances.

Many homeowners like to take the exterior colors of their homes and implement them throughout the house through their flooring. You can do the same by finding the shades of your shutters, front door and siding. When you use the same colors inside and outside of your home, anyone who walks through the door will notice your consistent style and seamless transition indoors.

When to Choose What Color

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Which color is best for floor tiles depends on the above factors and the aesthetic you want to incorporate in your chosen room. Luckily, even the slightest hints of color in your tile flooring can create a beautiful layout in any living space.

You can take some inspiration from some of the most common tile floor colors.

hexagon tile flooring

White, Black and Gray

These neutral colors may be simple, but they accel at highlighting the focal points in your living spaces. White, black and gray tiles are elegant and timeless and draw attention to your furniture and decor. You can use these colors in rooms with vibrant, bold or pastel wall colors. You can also utilize the sizing and type of room rules above to choose between these three shades.

No matter your choice, you can never go wrong with neutrals.

Tile Flooring in Kitchen


Light and dark brown tiles create a rustic yet modern feel inside your home. If you are looking for a cozy ambiance in your living spaces, you can use ceramic or porcelain tiles that resemble wood to highlight fireplaces, comfy furniture and the feeling of home in any room.

Ceramic Tile Red

Red and Orange

Red and orange tiles are perfect for transforming your living spaces into a little slice of Italy. Terracotta is a common tile choice for several styles of homes inside and outside. You can recreate this traditional Italian aesthetic in your kitchen, living room or other gathering areas to add more warm tones to your household.

How to Pair Tile and Grout Color Combinations

The grout between your tiles can help accentuate more color accents in your living spaces. Most homeowners choose a simple white grout, but you can select a variety of hues to make your tiles, furniture and wall colors stand out.

To create stylish tile and grout color combinations, take a look at the color accents around the room. Similar to the gold and silver you can find in your furniture, you can find these colors in your faucets, appliances, door knobs and windows. These accents can help you decide the grout you can use between each tile.

If you plan to install tile flooring in your kitchen or bathroom, you can choose a neutral color with gray grout to match stainless steel refrigerators, ovens, shower and bath faucets and sinks. You can also tie the room together with gold grout if you notice that color appears in decorations or small details around the room.

If you want a more vibrant tile color, you can never go wrong with a classy beige, black, white or gray grout selection to highlight the shapes of your tile flooring.

tile grout

Choose the Right Floor Color With 50Floor

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