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Light wood floors

If you work with 50 Floor, you have multiple flooring options to browse. No matter your needs, budget and lifestyle, we have flooring solutions for every room of your home.

Options for Flooring in Pflugerville, Texas

man using tool to install carpet along baseboards


If you want a floor you can sink your feet into, carpet is a great choice. 50 Floor has a range of colors and styles, from classic or modern to plush or low-pile. Carpeted floors are great for absorbing sound and making a room cozy and comfortable. They’re also ideal for any space where you’re standing for long periods or want to relax on the floor.

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close up photo of a person installing flooring


Today’s vinyl manufacturing creates strong and durable floors, with layers of protection against scratches and scuffs. Luxury vinyl can imitate the look of many other flooring styles with added durability. There are countless colors and patterns, and we can install vinyl in any room of the home, including bathrooms.

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man putting wood flooring planks together


If you like classic options, choose hardwood flooring in Pflugerville, Texas. It is durable and can last as long as your home, working easily with traditional, eclectic or modern furnishings. A hardwood floor can handle traffic and can be refinished if needed.

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Two people installing laminate floors


Our laminate flooring can imitate the look of different wood species, using different materials to achieve various looks and levels of durability. If you’re looking for stunning floors that can handle the test of time, laminate is an excellent choice.

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installing tile with grout


Kitchens and bathrooms are not the only places for tile. Tile can make any room look cozy, chic or classic. With many colors, finishes, sizes and shapes to choose from, tiles let you create a custom look for any room that’s easy to clean.

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dark laminate floors

Why Choose 50 Floor for Flooring in Pflugerville?

50 Floor is the solution homeowners in Pflugerville choose because we understand flooring and customer needs. Our flooring professionals keep up to date with the latest in manufacturing, flooring trends and floor innovations so we can bring you the best information and recommendations.

We understand you’re busy and looking for quality. That’s why we have taken the work out of flooring. To work with 50 Floor, call us for a free in-home consultation. We come to you with flooring samples you can examine in-house. Once you choose, we take care of installation, ordering and everything else, helping you enjoy beautiful floors with better convenience and more value.

Get started today. Instead of driving around to look at showrooms and floors, schedule an in-home consultation with 50 Floor today.

dark laminate floors
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