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When you select hardwood floors, you’re probably focusing on factors such as the color, plank size and material. But there’s another important factor you shouldn’t overlook as you pick out hardwood flooring — the texture. Your floor’s texture influences your home’s style and comfort, so it’s an essential consideration. Check out four top trending textures in wood flooring to get inspired for your home.

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1. Wire-Brushed

A wire-brushed floor features fine scores courtesy of a wire brush. Wire-brushed hardwood flooring textures help highlight the grain of your wood floor that’s great for rustic styles. Because wire-brushed wood has a more subtle and smooth distress pattern, it also works for contemporary homes.

This hardwood flooring trend may be more suitable for households without pets. While the subtle wire-brushed effect can help disguise a few minor, light scratches, it won’t be as helpful for hiding significant damage. Wire-brushed hardwood can give your floors a better grip to prevent slipping, so it’s worth considering if you have kids or individuals with slight mobility issues in your home.

2. Hand-Scraped Wood

For hand-scraped wood, wood scrapers create imprints that are more dramatic and noticeable than ones in wire-brushed floors. If you want a unique look between every flooring plank in your home, choose a hand-scraped option that gives you one-of-a-kind flooring. Like wire-brushed options, hand-scraped wood is suitable for rustic-style homes.

If you have an older home that needs new floors, maintain the space’s charm with hand-scraped hardwood textures. Even if you have a newer home but prefer farmhouse or traditional styles, hand-scraped wood will fit with your design.

3. Distressed

Distressed and hand-scraped wood may seem similar, but homeowners who want a more dramatic effect than hand-scraped wood will like distressed hardwood trends. Manufacturers rough up the look of floors by adding clefts and singe marks. The intentional damage results in a variety of scrapes, burns and knots that add plenty of texture.

If you have kids or pets or want hardwood in high traffic areas, distressed wood can help disguise scratches and other damage. Minor damage adds to the distressed look, but there is a fine line between distressed flooring textures and completely damaged floors. Treat distressed floors as you would any other hardwood option with proper finishes and upkeep.

4. Smooth

If those hardwood flooring textures sound a bit too rustic for your home, go contemporary with a smooth hardwood floor. This flooring option is sophisticated, giving your room a sleek look. The color of your hardwood floors can stand out more, or you can keep your sleek flooring as a subtle accent to the rest of your room.

This surface does mean, however, that without a slip-resistant finish, your smooth hardwood floors could pose a fall hazard. Those with kids or mobility difficulties may want to consider slip-resistant finishes or another textured option. Smooth floors without a slip-resistant finish may not be suitable for kitchens, bathrooms or mudrooms, either, since water will make the surface more slippery.

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