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Tips to Protect Floors From Your Dog’s Water and Food Bowls

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Your floors can last a lifetime if you purchase quality flooring from professionals like 50Floor. However, part of making sure your floors look their best is keeping debris and water off the surface. Water and debris can permanently damage your floors and shorten their life span.

Pets can be a cause for concern with new floors. Dogs and cats can track in mud or scratch up your floors. More than that, your dog’s food and water bowls can harm your floors through spilled water and food. Spilled water can even get under your flooring, putting it at risk of mold and underfloor damage. Fortunately, you can do some things to prevent this and enjoy stunning flooring for longer.

If your dog gets water all over the floor, follow these tips to protect your flooring:

  • Consider where you feed and water your dog: Preventing damage is a lot easier than protecting hardwood floors from dogs. Only place your dog’s water and food bowls on hard-surface areas that are easier to clean, such as tile or vinyl. Avoid placing pet bowls on carpet or wood floors, which can absorb any spills more easily. Many pet owners also place dog bowls in less-conspicuous areas well outside of high-traffic spots. This reduces the risk of accidental spills and ensures that if any water damage does happen, it will be less noticeable.
  • Use a mat: Place a pet food bowl mat under your pet’s bowls. Some special mats have raised edges to contain any spills. This feature protects your floors and makes cleanup simple, since you only need to wipe down or wash the rubber or plastic mat.
  • Feed and water your dog outdoors: If you have a large dog who’s especially enthusiastic when drinking and eating, it can be easiest to feed him or her on a deck or porch, if possible.
  • Clean the area around pet bowls often: Even if you use a pet mat, dogs can still drip water and spill food. After your pet is done eating, use a cloth or mop to wipe up the area to keep it tidy and prevent water damage.
  • Create a watering and feeding station: Another option is to create a food station with raised bowls. Doing this ensures water and food won’t get trapped under the bowls, causing more spills and damage. For some dogs, eating out of an elevated bowl is easier, too. It’s faster to quickly mop or wipe under the bowl to clean up any errant spills.

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Protect Your Home by Purchasing Dog-Friendly Flooring

You can create beautiful flooring even if you have multiple dogs. 50Floor has many attractive flooring options to replace any damaged areas in your house, and we’re happy to consult with you and show you samples to help you find the right match. Our luxury vinyl, carpet, luxury vinyl tile, engineered hardwood and hardwood floors look amazing and transform your space. Contact 50Floor for a consultation to find the ideal dog-friendly floors for your home.

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