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Tips for Creating a Virtual Learning Space for Kids

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Sitting at home on a computer is challenging for many kids. Whether they are in elementary, junior high, or high school, it’s hard to sit in front of a computer and listen to a teacher when home is for relaxing. There are many things you can do to help your child feel happier with their at-home learning experience.

Follow these five tips from 50Floor, your professional flooring installer.

The Quiet Corner

A learning area must be quiet. Look at cozy nooks and corners of your home where you can comfortably fit a desk. Areas with blank walls are especially fun for your child to personalize. You also may consider a room that you seldom use. You wouldn’t want your child in the family room, for example, where the television is regularly used.

Consider an open space in the dining room or basement. Their bedroom makes for a good learning space at home too, assuming there aren’t too many distracting items inside it.

Natural Lighting Matters

Among the areas you’re considering for your child, eliminate any that lack windows. Natural lighting is critical for many reasons. First, your child is using electricity that they would typically use at school. This means a higher energy bill, and a window prevents more energy from being used in terms of a lamp or ceiling light.

Natural lighting is also essential to a healthy mentality. When the sun is out, its warmth releases serotonin, which is a feel-good chemical in the brain that keeps your child’s mood positive during the virtual school day.

Necessities Are Fun

Once you have chosen a learning room or area for your child, you want to make it their own. This is important for motivating them and keeping them excited about school.

While you don’t want them distracted, there are many school items that you can find personalized to your child’s tastes. For example, pencil cups come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Decorate whiteboards with stickers and decals. You can even create fun and educational wall posters to finish the space!

The goal is to keep the area functional, but you can’t spell “functional” without “fun.”

Comfort Rules

Sitting at a desk for hours is tough on anyone’s body. That’s why you should create ways that keep your kid’s virtual learning space at home cozy. Start with the desk chair. Research the perfect chair that supports your child’s body and keeps them comfortable during school assignments. You may also want to get a wrist rest for the keyboard and mouse.

In the bigger picture, your flooring is another area to consider. When your child has had enough of the desk, they may want to sprawl out on the floor with homework. Keep them comfortable by adding carpeting to the area.

Make Your Child’s Learning Space Cozy With Help From 50Floor

Let 50Floor help you create a fun and comfortable space for your child to learn. We offer several quality options that we bring to you for an at-home shopping experience your child can be a part of. Choose from any option and watch your child’s learning space come to life with our help. We bring respect and thoughtful design sensibilities to each interaction, and you can rely on our excellent customer service.

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