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Carpet is a fantastic flooring option for you and your family. It brings warmth, comfort, and style to your home while being comfortable to walk on, play on, and more. If you want to change up the flooring in your home, carpet is one of your best options.

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Everyone has an opinion of carpet, but you need to make sure you know everything there is to know before making a final decision. To help with your flooring choice, we have listed five myths about carpeting. Keep reading to learn the truth.

1. Harmful Chemicals in Carpet

Are there chemicals in carpets that are harmful to your family? The carpeting structure is relatively simple: the carpet material, a carpet backing, glue, and padding.

Many people think carpets contain formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals that can contaminate the air. But formaldehyde hasn’t been used in carpet manufacturing since 1978. As for other chemicals, carpet is one of the lowest emitters of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

2. Carpet Aggravates Allergies

The opposite is true. By acting as a trap for allergens, carpet helps improve the air quality for people with allergies. Dirt, dust, and other particles settle into carpeting and remain there until vacuum day. Talk about a helping hand!

For a deeper vacuum clean, you can even purchase a vacuum with a HEPA filter. This filter picks up even smaller, airborne allergens so your loved ones can breathe easy all day.

3. Carpet Is Hard to Clean

Some people may think carpeting is high-maintenance because of spills and stains. The truth is, cleaning and caring for carpeting is not tricky. It doesn’t require more weekly work than other flooring options.

Vacuuming once or twice a week should keep your carpets sufficiently clean. Numerous cleaning products can erase any stain or accidental spill you have.

4. Carpet Isn’t Durable

How long does carpet last? Your carpet’s durability is only as good as its treatment. The better you treat your carpet, the longer it will last.

If you have a weekly cleaning routine in place, your carpeting should stay intact for years. You can even employ household rules like “no shoes on the carpet” to maintain your flooring’s color and cleanliness.

Having carpets cleaned professionally once every one to two years is another great practice for maintaining a carpet that lasts.

5. Carpet Is Outdated

This myth is beyond wrong. Carpeting is continually modernized and redesigned to accommodate today’s popular styles, trends, and looks. There is something for everyone, from neutral carpets to exciting patterns and vibrant colors.

All you have to do is seek out flooring companies with access to carpeting manufacturers with fresh and new ideas.

50Floor Offers a Quality Shop-at-Home Experience

Carpeting is anything but harmful. It makes the interior of your house a cozy haven for you and your family. There are also infinite possibilities when it comes to choosing and customizing carpeting, and it’s up to you to choose what will keep your family happy.

50Floor provides a shop-at-home opportunity so you can see physical samples in your home with your own decor, furniture, and lighting. We think it’s the best and most convenient way to experience your home flooring upgrade before making a decision.

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To learn more about our carpeting choices and at-home shopping experience, contact us today!

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